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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by YellowPhoenix18, Jan 19, 2015.

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    Hello guys, today im searching for a method to get the Bukkit-Flying-is-not-enabled-Method.
    Hopefully someone of you can help me.


    P.S.: sry for my bad english ;)
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    The one to check if flying is enabled on the server? If that's what you mean, Server#getAllowFlight
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    No,i mean, a method like an Event.If a player is flying,than i can kick him with a specified message
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    I think best bet is PlayerToggleFlightEvent
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    Ok,hmm this Method ist only called,when bukkit get player.isFlying, but i need this method to detec Hackers ;)
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    Check PlayerKickEvent and check if the kickReason is "Flying is not enabled on this server" maybe?
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    If there was an event to detect hackers then there probably wouldn't be any in the first place. You need to manually determine these things yourself using math and location changes.
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