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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by NoMansLand, Jun 5, 2013.

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    First: Sorry if this is in the wrong spot.


    We're looking for a plugin that will roll back a certain area (Not a whole map) with items in their chests and any damage done is put back to normal.

    Preferably it would hook up with WorldGuard.


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    Erm.. Try google or searching? There is so many. LogBlock, Prism, CoreProtect, HawkEye
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    I use Prism. I'm pretty happy with it. I was even able to spot that someone had used x-ray and ban him. Not sure how it handles chests.

    Another popular plugin is LogBlock.
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    we utilise Hawkeye Reloaded for it, but we want it for ONE region only not the whole map.
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    I'd also recommend Prism, been using it on my server for awhile and it's pretty solid.
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    With Prism, you specify a radius parameter which limits the scope of what it's doing. Prism also has a preview mode and reasonable default values. You can also limit it by player name, action (break, place, etc), and block type.
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    The only probelm with prism though for some people at least is that it requires a MySQL database. If you need a rollback plugin that doesn't require a MySQL database use CoreProtect it's pretty good and does the job well.
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    CoreProtect is amazing. Does everything I need it to do. Doesn't need a database.
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