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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Gunnerrrrr, Sep 10, 2012.

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    Im trying to setup IslandWorld, but to create the island you use .schematic files.
    There is no tutorial or default setup for this what so ever and i could not find one.

    Does anyone no a place to find this?
    Or just make a basic island for skyblock?
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    You want to create a .schematic? You need worldedit for this.

    First you build, then you select the area with worldedit and issue a //copy. To save the copy as a schematic you do a //schematic save filename.

    If everything goes correctly, there will be a filename.shematic inside /plugins/worldedit/schematic.
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    Alright i did that, but it doesn't seem to load in the plugin.
    If you wouldn't mind taking a look i would apreciate it.
    Here is my normal.schematic:
        Schematic    WEOffsetXˇˇˇ¯    Entities
        MaterialsAlphaHeight    WEOffsetYˇˇˇ˝    WEOffsetZˇˇˇ˝    WEOriginY[    WEOriginX0Data¢    WEOriginZ    TileEntities
    LengthWidth    Blocks¢
    And my special.schematic is the same thing, as it does not say which does which on the page.
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    what are u using to open this?
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    I am running on a mac.
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    do you have to paste it in a world with mcedit or worldedit or something?
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    I make the .schematic file with worldedit via command.
    Then paste the file into the file in the IslandWorld Directory.
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    Do not open that file, and paste content to second one because it's binary file and you can't do this. Just copy file from WE folder into IW schematic folder.
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