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    Name: SameMyBuild

    Simple plugin that will be able to save your co-ordinates with a message

    /save [message] - This will save your co-ordinates with the message added {permission = everyone}
    /smb list - Shows all the saves (the save is the name of the person who created it) with a number next to them. The first one that is save will have a 1. Second 2 etc. It will be like this:
    1 - Gamerswell
    2 - ii_B1GM4N_xx
    3 - Burdens Curse
    {permission = smb.admin}
    /smb tp [number] teleports you to the co-ordinates of the selected save {permission = smb.admin}
    /smb done [number] - Removes the save {permission = smb.admin}
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    GamersWell Sounds like a warp plugin with description
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    Please post a better description for the commands in the plugin along with what you want to actually happen with the commands for the following reasons below.
    I don't really understand what you mean with things such as the message and also "Shows all the saves with a number next to them" and why is there a command "/smb done" what would "done" mean?
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    Isn't this essentially a teleport / home system plugin, of which there are...dozens already?
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    Walruski Basically this is so the moderators can save people houses in the next map update so "Done" would be the admin has come and saved the house but I thought that was unnecessary to add. /smb done is basically deleting the ticket.

    Etsijä And it's not a simple home system...I want only admins to access the what you are calling homes and I want the name of the person with it.
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