`save-all` doesn't always work

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Derek Peterson, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Derek Peterson

    Hi all,

    I'm having a really weird recurring issue with CraftBukkit. I'll run `save-all` before I restart the server, and it completes the save. Then I type `stop`, and I see that it saves chunks again.

    However, about 6 times now, when the server came back up, the map had rolled back several hours.

    Does anybody know why my saves aren't working or what I can do to ensure my map gets saved?

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    what plugins do you have.. at one point, thought LWC was doing something with this, but i could have the plugin name wrong.. if you search the site for your problem, there have been a few other threads about it in the recent past
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    Ooh I think I saw this here a few days ago, I think it should be fixed in the new bukkit, if I do not mistake this for some other bug ...

    Edit: ninja'd, but I did see it here obviously :)
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    Derek Peterson

    Thanks for the tip. I searched a little but I was doing it on my phone so it wasn't very effective. I'll look around a bit more.

    As far as plugins go, I'm only using my own, which isn't doing anything (that I can think of) that should mess with saving chunks.

    Thanks again,
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    Ah thanks, I updated last night, but maybe there's a newer build already.
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    Oh it was some time ago, it's not that then...

    You know just for the sake of testing, remove your plugins also :)
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    Derek Peterson

    Hm, I just had the problem on my dev server when I had no plugins running.

    I noticed that when I run `save-all`, it doesn't even take a moment to think about it. (Normally it takes ~6 seconds on this map). In this case, every time I typed the command, it immediately said the save was complete, and after restarting, it hadn't actually been saved.
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    Ok, I've used `ls -l` to see that my chunks really are not being saved. Does anybody have any ideas? This seems like an extremely big bug.
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