Plugin Request [Rules] Custom built Rules plugin?

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by GamingNorge, Dec 28, 2014.

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    Kinda reminds you of "AcceptRules".

    Havent found a plugin that was 1.7.2 or 1.8 compatible, my server uses 1.7.2, but i want to use this plugin on both versions. (Both servers).

    How do i find/make this plugin work, there's TOO LITTLE that reads the rules on my main server.. drives me crazy. (Norwegian server, so i kinda need to translate the plugin on the "text" where the rules will be stated.)

    1. Player spawn in a box of glass.
    2. There's a sign infront of the glass saying: "/AcceptRules" (Just an example of the command)
    3. When the player joins the rules comes right up immediantly after the motd is loaded.
    4. The player jumps to next page where its stated "Do you agree on all the rules for *server name*?"
    5. The player writes "/Agree" and gets teleported outside and can now play on the server.

    Any idea's?
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    Whether they're in the chat or not doesn't affect whether people will read them. Here's a better idea: Put them on the standard signs, but replace a word that people can easily guess with a random word (cheese, porcupine, etc.) Then, use command blocks with buttons to "quiz" people (i.e. ask them what the out of place word was and what it replaced). Let them go back, and they will have to read closely to see what the out of place word is. By the time they find it, they will have read all the rules.
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