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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by sicariusdracus, Mar 14, 2013.

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    I have a server with a normal world which I want to spawn nether mobs in. It's our nether but I wanted to have a sky, so generated it normal. I used to use Monster Apocalypse to control what mobs spawned, but its not generating the mobset I want anymore and the dev is going in another direction than what I'm looking for. (I don't want to hand make 3 configs and plugins every time he updates a minor patch)

    It's very simple, I just want a configurable list of mobs who spawn on each multiverse world I have in a single config, based on percentage.

    Ghasts 10%, Magma Cubes 10%, Blazes 20%, Wither Skeletons 10%, Skeletons 20%, Zombie Pigment 20%, Pigs 9%, Wither 1%
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    Hmm... could try this in OtherDrops:

        - action: MOBSPAWN
          world: NormalNether    # put whatever your world name is
          drop: {ghast/10%, magmacube/10%, blaze/20%, [email protected]/10%, skeleton/20%, zombiepigman/20%, pig/9%, wither/1%}
    The curly brackets mean that only one out of the list will drop based on the chances given. So any creature spawning in the "NormalNether" world will be replaced with the one from the list.
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    awesome. This is exactly what I want.
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    Cool, let me know how it goes - I've actively working on the plugin so can fix/improve it as needed.

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