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    Plugin category: Roleplay

    Minecraft version: 1.13.2

    Suggested name: RPWeapons

    What I want:


    A plugin that adds a command to add a taser, example /weapon taser
    <add> , <give>, <list>. If you did add it'd add the item you're holding as a taser, keeping lore & name of it. Including saving its damage value if one is used.

    An example of the command is ; "While holding the item, for example it has a durability of 0.000123123457 or whatever." /weapon taser add Taser1 | It'd pop up a message in chat saying, "&aSuccessfully added taser!" then when you'd type /weapon taser give Taser1 It'd give you the Taser. Doing /weapon taser list it'd list all the tasers that have been added.

    Shooting tasers would result in shooting a line of particles between you and the target, possibly the bow particle. Sending a packet shooting a ray between the player and aimed target if hit the player hit will be forced to sit down for a given time which would be configurable in config. Chat messages saying 'you've been Tased by or you've Tased that could also be edited to your liking in config.

    Also add a range that you'll be able to configure, this just means that they have to be within that range for you to Tase them. Make sure that it does not auto-lock on to the nearest player, try and make it where the player has to aim, kind of like the bow but not you holding right click.

    Also I use a plugin that has the ability for players to use /sit /lay, if you get tased, is there a way for you to use the API of this plugin for that? If so, click 'here' for it, and make sure I can configure it in the config if possible for how long the player has to sit for!

    Also, is there a way to use custom sounds? If so, please comment on this, I really want to try and use a custom-taser sound! This would add cool immersion to the server. I know you can replace sounds, but I'm not sure about custom sounds, I know the car-plugin I have does it- I'm just not sure how it'd work.

    This is a copy and paste of someone else's thread, but I don't want to bump it since it is not mine and plus I wanted to include some other stuff to it and wrote more depth into it.

    Basically the same thing above but- replace the commands with /weapon taser to > /weapon gun

    I want ammo to be a thing!
    To select what the clip is (for example, what item) just make the command /weapon ammo <gun/taser> <amount> <id>
    EXAMPLE: I'm holding coal in my hand, and I type /weapon ammo taser cartridge
    I would than type /weapon ammo list and it'd show me this : taser: cartage
    It would give me the cartage for the taser. To reload all you'd do is hold the cartage and shift-right click with it in your off hand, while holding the taser / cartage. This goes for all ammo as well.

    The ammo amount matters- so please if you can do this, thanks.

    This goes for the sound part- I really want the sounds to be a thing.
    Replace the commands with | /weapons melee | there is no need for sounds- only for the baton to force sit someone with the api- if you can do that.

    Make sure that all of these are editable in the config! All the timings, messages- Just have one for each section that apply for each "weapon."

    Make sure that all messages are editable as well- applying to each category- for example;
    You have been tased by {username}!
    You have been shot by {username}!
    You have been hit by {username}!

    Ideas for commands: /weapon taser <give/add> <id> when holding it.
    /weapon tasers <list> - shows list of Taser IDs
    /unstun - immediately unstuns the person which would make the player pop back up even if the time hadn't elapsed yet.
    /weapon guns <give/add/list> <id>
    /weapon melee <give/add/list> <id>
    /weapon ammo gun/taser <add/give/list> <id>

    Ideas for permissions: weapon.add - able to add any weapon to the list | weapon.list - shows player the list of any section of weapons. | weapon.give - permission to give yourself a any weapon from any list.

    When I'd like it by: Take your time!
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  2. Hey! The link to the sit plugin doesn't work. Could you edit the post and put in the link?
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    My bad- here, just click 'here' I forgot to add it- I was really tired.
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    Bump! I have redone some of my request to make it where I don't have to request two / one other plugin!

    If anyone has an idea of that audio thing- that'd be cool to tell me! And if so- try making it where you can edit the sounds in the config if you can so I can link up weapons with certain sounds- for example a glock with a glock sound and a taser with a taser sound- just an example.
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    I edited apart so it makes a bit more sense with ammo.
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    hi - bump
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    Hey, I can't make this plugin but I know you can add guns and custom melee weapons using the gun plugin called crackshot and an addon for it called crackshotplus (crackshotplus is a paid addon this is just a disclaimer). It's really versatile and I know you can add custom sounds to them you just have to configure it through a texture pack and add it in the config. It's worth looking into, it might help out. I'm pretty sure that you can't track every taser/gun with a unique id in crackshot normally, but it might be easier to ask on here for an addon that hooks into crackshot and tracks all the guns using an id system that way.
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    I knew about "crackshot" but I forgot about "plus" I'll give it a try and comment on it when I'm done, I was planning on just rewriting this to make it smaller and easier anyway- once I'm done testing it and if it doesn't suit my taste, I'll come back and edit my post. Thank you for reminding me of this.

    Okay- it is 10 euros and as much as I want to buy it and test it, I don't know if I'll end up liking it, so- I'm going to have to pass on this one, sorry bro.
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    No problem.
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