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    Level up > yeah, on lvl 1 you receive health, lvl 6: less cooldown, lvl 11: more range , lvl 16: more heal amount
    nice idea with the spells: maybe i'll add those in a later version, when i found some good skills for the other classes, too
    Speed buff > thats an issue i resolved, tell them to update.
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    HELP (again XD)
    I unzipped the x level i see a folder then i put it on plugins folder now what ???
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    Yeah. It may be level 20 or something?

    Interesting bug that we found:

    When sprinting as a warrior, if you hold down / spam jump it accellerates you insanely.
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    I've made a video. I hope you find it helpful
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    Love to plug in, but I would suggest to make it more configurable. I don't want players gaining exp by breaking blocks
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    Just put it online on my server.
    Looks really nice so far the only thing that makes me wonder is that the fire arrow set the ground on fire instead of the enemy directly.. guess some people like that but I would prefere to set the enemy directly on fire :p My wolves pretty much die because of that ^^

    I founde out that the Archer can be pretty easy leveled, you just have to shoot at the ground with your fire skill and after that pick up the arrow. Each Arrow gives you 10 xp.
    You should only get xp if you hit a mob with it!

    Edit: Fire arrows only start to burn after the player is moving, which can be pretty annyoing if u got a good shooting spot and have to move around. Also this allows for fire traps: Shoot a fire arrow, wait for a mob/player to walk over and then move. Suddenly the area around the arrow sets on fire *g*
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    ANY ONE PLSSS A youtube tut or something
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    .....Look 3 posts above yours...

    Edit: I swear I was able to use all the magician spells on cheickens, cows and sheeps today but they no longer work, guess that is a bug?
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    how do i use a fire arrow once i've passed the level i get the skill?
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    select the skill by rightclicking with an arrow and use it by leftclicking with an bow (need at least 1 arrow)
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    Hey, love the plugin, one problem though. CDs appear then disappear. When I first got sprint the CD was super short, now that I'm lvl 2p its like 45 seconds for spring. In fact, it seems the only skill not doubling or tripling CD time is push. Bug or way it was meant? Any information on CDs, dmg for skills, etc would be HIGHLY appreciated.
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    thanks, also what exactly is hook supposed to do?
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    It's like the Hook from Zelda. It's a short range teleport, shoot an arrow and yo will be ported to its destination.

    Are there any plans to make Mages hit soemthing else then players? It's pretty pointless to be unable to target creatures...
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    thats definitly not the way it should work. i will check it

    of course i want it working on mobs. just relax and wait :)
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    I didn't meant to be impolite, I really appreciate your work :)
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    Your plugin is just amazing, it completely changes the pvp in Minecraft and the game becomes more interesting. But, I would like to know if it could not be more configurable? The best would be to make a configuration that can change the cooldown of each skill and configure the xp (monsters only). Tell me if it's possible to do this or not? I think all that would make your plugin more interesting.
    Otherwise we are a French server of hundred members, we use your plugin, it is very easy to use and great, He makes our server very RP and improves the PvP.
    Thx for your good work, and I hope that you can change the configuration !
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    is this supposed to be a folder a.jar file?
    im having troubles installing

    Never mind i got it Suggestion: Theres a bug on mac that when u unzip it it will open as a folder :p
    Pls fix this here i got something for u :) [cake] and a [diamond]

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    just put the contents of the folder in a .jar file named "xLevel.jar"
    i cannot create a "fix" for this because it's not a problem with the plugin, but with mac
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    How i can edit this to translate it to my language?
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    decompile it, edit the source and recompile it
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    Nice Plugin, but I have God mode on and get hurt if the magician energywave or ice wind does uses.

    Please fix ;)
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    tell the creator of the godmode to fix :/
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    a realy good plugin, works great!
    but i dont see a function to disable the skill use function for other worlds.
    permissions dont deny it at all... :-\ if this is also implemented it would be awesome
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    this and next week, i write my final exams. after that i will update the plugin for the newest recommended build and add some of the functions you ask me to add it. :)
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    oh i got mine too :-P good luck with urs... i just have to learn boring math stuff database structures and operating systems such as linux :-P ^^

    but well i will look forward to that
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    Didn't read anything about this problem with the hook: In the console, I get "[PlayerName] moved wrongly!"

    Anything on my side that I need to change for it to work for them? Thanks in advance. :) AMAZING plugin. I'm impressed.
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    Is an update for 953 coming soon possibly? My players cant live without this fabulous plugin.
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    This plugin is working perfectly for 953 for me.
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    yea it should but some skills aren't working perfectly i think.
    but I will update it soon
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    Let's be honest. Minecraft is a building simulation. Why do we get XP for destroying things and not building things?

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