[RPG/TP] SimpleRespawn v1.2.0 - Release to GY, res to death point + Protect your items [1060]

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    SimpleRespawn allows you to respawn at the point you died.
    • Quickly collect your items
    • Return to the PvP battle with ease
    • Only counts if killed by a player or mob, so no respawning into lava, unless its some weird circumstance where the skeleton followed you in and killed you first, idk.
    • Customizable res timer; 10 by default (in Seconds)
    • Set graveyard to a point
    • Toggle protection of inventories in config
    • DO drop items on death, DO get items on res!
    • Deprecated - uses org.bukkit.entity.Player.updateInventory()
    • A bit sloppy with the large amounts of files this makes use of, sorry, could have come up with a better way of doing this.
    • respawnTime = int - Time in seconds to wait at Graveyard.
    • defaultInventory = false - Use SimpleRespawn inventory system.*
    • defaultInventory = true - Use Minecraft inventory system.*
    *Toggleable because there may still be some bugs with SR inventory system

    Player/group is exempt from Res Timer and Death Point Respawn.
    Allows for the setting of the graveyard and more commands later on.
    • ' /sr ' displays version info.
    • '/sr setgy ' sets graveyard. Is dependant on Op or simplerespawn.admin.

    Please read the readme, it contains important information including how this reacts with other plugins.
    • Zip ( Recommended, includes readme, default configuration, and Locations folder. )
    • Jar
    • Src
    • Txt ( The readme, nothing else)

    Protect inventory. done
    Add more graveyard commands.
    Increase customization with commands.
    Smooth out a few minor bugs. done

    1.2.0 Added inventory protection system
    1.1.0 Added GY, added schedulers, improved locations, main thread no longer sleeps, commands, changed MS to S.
    1.0.1 Fixed bug.
    1.0 Release.
    Credits (open)

    These men and women have killed me many times during testing:

    should now properly function when not killed by a player or mob

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    finally fixed about everything, now i think this functions pretty well
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    yes first one to comment :X great plugin
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    you can now use the SR Inventory feature!
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    This plugin looks awesome. It is a great balance of convenience / responsibility.

    What I'd like to see is a system like this:
    Player dies, clicks "respawn".
    Player ends up in the graveyard. Is told via text that if they wait x seconds, they will be returned to their body but one of their items may be 'lost' in the process. If they remain in the GY, they are warped back to their body and a random roll is determined for what item is lost from their inventory.
    If they walk outside the GY before the timer expires, they are revived on the spot and given no item loss.

    The idea is that they can return to whever they were doing, but must chance the odds of losing 1 item, and cannot chose what that item is.. or they can respawn AT the graveyard and walk back with zero chance of loss.

    You would need to be able to define the area the GY takes up, and provide a description of what is happening with an active countdown timer.

    Would this be something possible with this mod?
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    that would definately be possible but not a priority fotr now
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    it would take 2 long

    hey pyra just so u know i am NGTZombieman

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    when are you coming out with PVP+?

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