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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Samkio, Sep 8, 2011.

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    Okay bukkit dev: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/rpgworld/
    GitHub: https://github.com/samkio/RPGWorld

    Allocation of devs:
    City Gen: Samkio
    Economy/Jobs/Npcs/Ranks .... xD: Tips48 helped by all.
    Npcs extended by fullwall if he wishes to do so.
    Protection: Liam Allan helped by all.
    General Stuff (Data transfer etc): Samkio

    View attachment 6540

    Approximate size of cities. Style and layout not confirmed.

    Added city generation on CHUNK POPULATION.
    Done a basis of City Walls.
    Fails at merging on git. :D

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    Looking good :D
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    This looks amazing...I can't wait for any release build!
    I'll definitely be donating to compensate you, and all the devs, for the massive amount of time you must be putting it.

    -And, maybe iConomy *optional* support for the economy? Still get all the economy features, but use iConomy accounts?
  4. "Helped by all"? Psshh, that was all me :D
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    Thanks! We will give an option to use the inbuilt economy or other economy plugins like iconomy boseconomy etc. :)

    Yeah was all you. :p
    I mean everyone can contribute to it. xD
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    How do I get me some source access? Also, what's the tab/indentation style?
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    I need to stop being lazy and get developing some of this :p
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    yes you do :)
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    I loved your levelcraft plugin and this might have great potential. Would you use spout with this? Oh well, looking good so far.
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    Yes it is likey we will be using spout to extend some features. :)

    Farms me and Torrent have been working on.

    City Layout :D

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    Haha you can see me in that pic :p
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    Can I help out at all (with code?)
    I've advanced a lot since you and Torrent helped me with my first plugin :)
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    wow this looks killer. are each 'thing' separate plugins (npcs, city gen, jobs)? *watched*
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    NPC's and the random city gen will be in the main plugin.
    I should suggest to @Samkio to possibly create a main 'Core' plugin to help with performance.
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    Sure! The more the merrier i will add you to the GitHub and BukkitDev. :)

    Not sure about this atm. Alpha stages may have it all in one plugin but features can be turned on/off. In the future we will probably seperate them.

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    I wouldn't mind helping every now and then :).

    It looks like an amazing plugin :D
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    Awesome i will add you to the list. :p

    The Collesium done Shops aswell but they are all squished together can't really screenshot it xD

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    You are making nice progress.
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  20. CityGen looks AMAZING :) Keep up the good work!
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    I like the new pics :p
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    This looks awesome! :)
    Can i join? ^^
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    Good work guys, I'm excited too se more progress!

    Let me test! ^.^
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    Almost ready for a very very primative version.
    Has CityGen and some structure generation. :)

    Tiny Preview:
    • Will Create Bad City Walls near spawn
    • Will Create Farms.

    Attached Files:

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  25. I'll be able to help code tomorrow :) Sorry, literally had 9 hours of marching band today. It was insane.
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    9 hours! that's crazy D:
    Btw sddddgjd has been making great progress with the npcs! :D
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    I got one word for this: A-MA-ZING.
    If you need help with building, ask me.
    Could also do tiny bits of code, but im not very good yet!
    Awesome, keep up the good work!
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    I'll tidy up the first post soon. It's a bit messy right now:p
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    All help and ideas are appreciated no matter how small. :p
    We will do :)

    Yes please do. xD
    Thanks :D
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    Haha iscool! Feel free to add me on skype (muis.versluis)
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