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    Plugin category: Role Playing

    Yes, I know I didn't spell plugin right for title. My keyboard is running out of batteries.

    Suggested name: Overflow RPG

    What I want: Hello, and first of all I want to thank you for your interest. I am developing a RPG server now. I have searched the Bukkit plugin categories and have yet to find one that it like this. I believe this plugin will suit the needs of me and many other RPG servers.

    Overflow RPG Plugin

    This plugin is a Bukkit RPG plugin. It’s purpose is to create a fun and and easy to use RPG experience for all players. This plugin consists of 3 major parts which include, Races, Classes, and Levels. In this plugin players will be able to select and join a certain race once they reach a certain level. They level up by killing hostile mobs and other players. For classes, once they reach lvl 15 or so, they will be able to choose a class. For example, if a player chooses the class Warrior, they will receive a diamond sword with sharpness 3 that they cannot lose upon death. It just adds a different aspect to the game that players should find enjoyable. Players will unlock certain classes once they level up, all the way from Archer to Demigod!

    Races Overview
    There will be 7 races for players to choose when they start off. This includes but is not limited to: Dwarves, Aasimar, Phoenixes, Elves, Nords, Archorns, and Druids. We can add more later once the server is expanding. Each race gets a different ability also with a special tag. For example a player’s tag/prefix shall consist of &0[&3Race&0] &0[&Null_Pex_Rank&0] {Player_Name}. (I know that that isn’t the correct formatting. Some of the abilities will include night vision, speed, strength, extra health, less health. There can also be some drawbacks like a slowness effect. I’ll include in another document about all of the races. Races can also be chosen on donations. For instance, if I donate $20 for a race called “Archorn”, I’d join that race. Races also will get certain permissions in pex and maybe could even get special plugin effects. Like essentials.warp.elvesHQ

    Classes Overview
    Classes should be configurable and editable like races also. Basically the only thing that they receive are special items that they cannot lose upon death. More things could be added in the future

    Levels Overview
    Your level will be shown in your prefix like your race. You level up by killing hostile mobs and other players. For every 20 mobs you kill, you level up one time. For every 15 players killed, you level up 1 time. You must be level 10 to choose a race, and level 16 to choose a class.


    /rpg - Shows description of the plugin
    /race - Shows list of all races
    /race info [race] - Shows information about a certain race
    /race select [race] - This is the race you will become
    /race available - Shows all available races for you at your level
    /race link [race] - Gives link to wiki about the certain race

    /class - Shows list of all classes
    /class info [class] - Shows information about that certain class
    /class select [class] - Selects this race for you, you will become this race
    /class available - Shows available classes for the player
    /class link [class] - Gives link to wiki about the certain race

    /levelx - Shows player’s current level

    When I want it By: Not really any time period date set. Thanks!
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    Sounds really cool! I couldn't code it, but I know people who PROBABLY have the CAPABILITY to code it, but are most likely busy.

    Really cool, what server is this for? If availible, IP?
    (I know I spelled Available wrong above, its because I'm kinda tired and couldn't notice it)
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    I've used this plugin 3 times, and all 3 times it crashed for me. And yes, I do look...
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Error log?
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    This is still an active plugin, submit a ticket to the developer with the error log.

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