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    PhatLoots - Chests with randomly generated money/items:
    Version: 0.9.1 (7/16/2011)
    Supports iConomy, BOSEconomy, Essentials, Permissions, LWC
    Download Page

    This plugin is a must for dungeons! Players open a linked chest and are rewarded with money (within a designated range) and randomly generated items that are predefined.

    Make a PhatLoot
    /loot make test
    Add some loot values
    /loot add test money 1 25 (looter will get 1-25 coins)
    /loot add test 322 1 10 (looter has 10% chance of getting a golden apple)
    Set a reset time
    /loot time test 1'6'45'30 (looter can loot the chest again after waiting
    1 day, 6 hours, 45 minutes, and 30 seconds.)
    Link a chest
    /loot link test (you must be targeting the chest you wish to link)

    Collective Loots allows you to setup a chest to give a certain amount (1 by default) of 'rare' items. So a chest may give the user a chance to loot a Gold Block (50%), Diamond Sword (30%), or Diamond ChestPlate (20%) yet the user will only get one of these items.

    • Chests can give items, money, or both
    • Support for wools/dyes
    • Set different reward values for different chests.
    • Link multiple chests to one PhatLoot (this way you don't have to reenter all the items for every chest)
    • Player must wait a certain amount of time in order to loot the chest again (configurable)
    • Different reset times for each PhatLoot
    • AutoLoot option
    • Easily configure setting, loot values, reset times, and more
    • Make chests global (when looted by one person, everyone must wait to loot it again)
    • or user (each individual must wait the specified time between looting chests)
    • Uses iConomy, BOSEconomy or Essentials to give users money.
    • Uses LWC to auto protect PhatLoot chests (false by default)
    • Permissions to limit players from being rewarded and using commands
    • Included in CraftBukkitUpToDate for easy updating (make sure you come check the changelog if somthing is not working right)
    Save Files and Properties:
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    #Tue Mar 29 14:04:05 EDT 2011
    // user - when a player loots a chest they must wait the specified time to loot again
    // global - when looted by one person, everyone must wait to loot it again (first person there gets the loot)
    // if true, when you link a chest it will automatically make it public with LWC (so noone else can claim it)
    // default number of items you get from CollectiveLoots (only applies if CollectiveLoots is not blank)
    // amount of time before the chest will reset "Days'Hours'Minutes'Seconds"
    // change to "never" in order for it to never reset
    test1   // a list of all your Phat Loots by name
    #Tue Mar 29 16:20:45 EDT 2011
    //the number of items you get from CollectiveLoots (only applies if CollectiveLoots is not blank)
    // user - when a player loots a chest they must wait the specified time to loot again
    // global - when looted by one person, everyone must wait to loot it
    // list of linked chests (you should never have to edit this) "x,y,z,NameOfLooter,TimeLooted,_"
    // "itemID,NumberOfItems,PercentOfLooting,_" Should add up to 100%
     // amount of time before the chest will reset "Days'Hours'Minutes'Seconds"
     // change to "never" in order for it to never reset
    // "itemID,NumberOfItems,PercentOfLooting,_"

    • /loot make [Name] - Creates PhatLoot
    • /loot link [Name] - Links target chest with PhatLoot
    • /loot add coll[1-5] [Item] [Amount] [Percent] - Adds collective loot to target chest's PhatLoot
    • /loot add [Item] [Amount] [Percent] - Adds individual loot to target chest's PhatLoot
    • /loot add money [Low] [High] - Adds range of money that can be looted
    • /loot remove coll[1-5] [Item] [Amount] [Percent] - Removes collective loot from PhatLoot
    • /loot remove [Item] [Amount] [Percent] - Removes individual loot from PhatLoot
    • /loot unlink [Name] - Unlinks target chest with PhatLoot
    • /loot info [Name] - Lists info of PhatLoot
    • /loot name - Gives PhatLoot name of target chest
    • /loot reset [Name or all] - Resets PhatLoot restricted list
    • /loot delete [Name] - Deletes PhatLoot and unlinks chests
    • /loot list - Lists all PhatLoots
    Permission Nodes:
    • phatloots.use - Needed for group/player to receive loots
    • phatloots.make
    • phatloots.list
    • phatloots.admin.reset

    Old Versions, ChangeLog, + Source can be found at Download Page
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    Version 0.9.1 (7/16/2011)
    • Added color support for all customizable messages
    • Fixed Collective loots
    Version 0.9 (6/26/2011)
    • Improved OP options
    • Updated Economy support
    • Added AutoLoot option
    • Improved add command
    • Added targeting chests for adding loot
    • Added item name support (rather than item ID)
    • Added saftey check so you can't add invalid loots
    Version 0.8.1 (6/13/2011)
    • Fixed OP permissions
    Version 0.8 (6/12/2011)
    • Cleaned up code/fixed errors
    • Added map support
    Version 0.7.4 (6/4/2011)
    • Cleaned up errors and added error messages
    Version 0.7.3 (6/3/2011)
    • Various fixes and code cleanup
    Version 0.7.2 (6/3/2011)
    • Added Essentials econ support
    Version 0.7.1 (5/4/2011)
    • Updated to iConomy 5
    • Few various fixes
    Version 0.7 (4/29/2011)
    • Fixed save/loss of data errors
    • Added support for wools/dyes
    • Fixed Double Chest errors
    • Added in game command for setting timer restriction
    • Added in game command for setting collective loots
    • Added option of multiple collective loots
    • Added option for setting resetType to Interval
    • Added prevention from looting out of ID-range items
    • Fixed delete command
    Version 0.6 (3/31/2011)
    • Fixed issue with users with "_" in name
    • Improved multiworld support
    • Fixed various bugs
    Version 0.5.1 (3/31/2011)
    • Fixed CollectiveLoots
    • Works with build #612
    Version 0.5 (3/30/2011)
    • Updated to craftbukkit build #602
    Version 0.4 (3/29/2011)
    • Redid save format
    • Added config file
    • Added double chest support
    • Added Collective loots
    • Added Auto protection using LWC (false by default)
    • Added a reset time ("Days'Hours'Minutes'Seconds" or "never") (0'0'5'0 by default)
    • Added global/user restriction (user by default)
    • Added antigrief feature, if chest is full PhatLoots will make room for new loot
    Version 0.3 (3/26/2011)
    • Added block protection for PhatLoot chests
    Version 0.2 (3/19/2011)
    • Fixed unknown command spamming chat
    • Fixed no Economy message spamming
    • added /loot info and /loot name (
    Version 0.1 (3/18/2011)
    • Initial Release
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    Hmm I cant get items from chest when Im close to it, I need to stand 1-2 squares far from it... :(

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    um.....where do i type that? ah im confused >.< under users it looks like this
    group: Admins
    group: Moderator
    prefix: 'Moo'
    suffix: 'Cow'
    - 'herp.derp'
    group: Admins
    - '-derp.derp'
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    above that is where you groups (Admins and Moderator) should be defined

    i noticed this in a couple of my plugins as a target issue... i havent found a fix yet though

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    This needs to be changed quick 'cause anyone with an underscore in their name can use the chest as many times as they want.
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    Is it possible that when opening chest the plugin would first reset/empty and remove all leftovers from the last looter? Or only do this in case the chest is full? The perfect scenario would be that if a chest is full phatloot would only overwrite the new generated items and leave the rest?
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    i dont want to delete everything everytime bc then if two users click open the chest at about the same time, one of the users loot will get cleared. Right now it clears one inventory space (in the bottom half of the chest) before it places an item. so if the chest is full the loot will still appear. this will usually work, unless...

    the chest is full, it randomly chooses a slot to delete.
    the random slot happens to be slot 20.
    slot 20 is cleared.
    the loot is placed in the chest.
    loot goes to slot 20 bc it is the only one open.
    now b4 the next loot it randomly clears another slot.
    the slot chosen is again 20.
    the precious loot is deleted to make room for the new loot :(

    does that make sense? why not fill up a chest with dirt and try to loot and see wut happens?
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    One thing that migth be a handy addition for the plugin is to actually compare if the chest contains an item from before, and if so, clear it before creating a new loot-set.

    The reasoning behind this comment is fairly simple, but valid at the same time:
    We've set up a few chests that contains random loot-items that the players can collect after finishing a rather tedious task (maze), and over time the chest will just continuously refill itself with items, not wiping the old content totally, or check for already existing items inside it.

    If this functionality could be added in some way it would serve a lot of funny purposes for us "RP/Dungeon"-addicts that creates loot-tables by hand :)

    Best regards, and thanks for a lovely plugin so far :)

    EDIT: Ooops, someone actually posted on the same subject just two posts further up - but I think airing it out like this adds info that it might actually be interesting for multiple people :)
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    Clearing the chest based on either a config-setting for a specific chest, a chestgroup/lootgroup or as a configuration-option for all chests. Basically allowing admins to decide if they want chests to be totally empty before recreating loot or not, or if filled and not touched in a while, do a swapout of the items in it.
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    hmm i'll think about it, but right now i dont think it is a big issue so im gonna work on sum other plugins first
  13. Good Day,

    i like this Plugin a lot. And it Works just fine on my Server.

    I have an Idea for the Loot Clear. How about you make a Timestap when the Last loot was Created, and if someone Loots it around 5-10minutes After that, it gets Cleared. So no Loot is Lost when two people click at the same time. And it wouldn´t create masses of Loot if they dont Take it.

    *Edit* Removed the BugReport, as it was already Mentioned.
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    thanks for the idea, i think ill make several clear methods and you can choose the one you want in the config
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    Will you be able to add damage values to the phatloots in the next update?

    Edit: Also, with that update that replaces _s with ~s, when you unlink a loot, and link it again, it'll cause errors till you reset it.
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    i was waiting for sum1 to request this. and why do you say that unlinking will cause an issue?
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    Can you make that chests are empty after server restart? I mean not reseting until I make it by command.

    And I think ResetTime=never is not working :/ items spawn anyways...

    Time reset dont work either... I set it like: ResetTime=30'1'1'1 and it reset once for a while, maybe 5 minutes...
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    its "/loot time [Name] [Days'Hours'Minutes'Seconds]"
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    I know how to set it... I even set it in and check double in there is 30 days and it reset after 5 minutes...


    #Tue Apr 12 00:28:43 UTC 2011
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    Hello and thanks for the great plugin.. I have a few phatloots set up but for some reason it will only remember the first one i did.. It says its there when i /loot list and after all the set up and linking. But when I restart server or come back the next day all the chests along with the .properties files are empty?
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    do you use multiworld?
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    No sir
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    Any news on the update/. i got like 7 players on my server with an _ in their names. breaks my phat loot everytime they use one
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    I'm not sure how I understand how collective loots work. They're supposed to limit the loot items so that if you set it to Collective Loots=1, only one item in the list has a chance to spawn per loot, right?

    How do you set a collective loot using the slash command system within the game? I tried editing the config file for the PhatLoot, but when I did that it broke the PhatLoot.
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    I second this. Thanks a lot for the underscore change.
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    Hello again sorry to pester, I really love the plugin and so does everyone on the server. I using it for quest based loot and I'm still having the problem of the .properties files clearing themselves? I make a phatloot all is good, .prop files show everything I configured... Then after a server restart or two the .prop files are still there they just don't contain the loots? Any ideas on what i could do? I'm runing 670/1.4.1 could this be the issue?
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    i am nearly done with all the school work ive been working on lately, sometime tomorrow i will update this and then that issue should be fixed, if not then we can address it then.
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    Thanks so much!
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    Please update to latest RB for releases.

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