RPG or Minigame server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by isleepzzz, Nov 2, 2014.

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    Hey guys.
    I have been thinking of plans and came up with either an MMORPG server or a minigame server.
    Both have ups and downs, however what would YOU, the player, rather play on?
    Options would be:
    1. MMORPG server: Big map with towns, cities, etc. and level systems and skills to make money and kill beasts and do quests
    2. Minigame server: Play a variety of minigames such as pvping, hunger games, spleef, parkour, and zombie survival

    Please provide as much information and detail as possible in your opinion, thank you!:)
  2. isleepzzz Neither, they're both extremely common and I doubt you'd have much of a unique selling point. No offence of course, but try to come up with something more original/different.
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    Personally, I'd rather play Minigames, but if you're going to be the lead programmer, I would do RPG.
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    Well minigame servers are VERY common. I've actually never seen any good RPG servers. The one and only good RPG server I've seen is wyncraft or something around there.
    Why would you say RPG servers are very common also?
  5. isleepzzz Based on the number of threads I see about them.
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    isleepzzz I actually haven't played too many RPG servers (if any, actually. I don't really play a wide variety of servers.), so I'm not too sure about the originality of it. But as you say, minigame servers are extremely, extremely common; I can't even emphasize it enough. Unique minigame servers are so darn rare, you probably don't even have a chance at getting your minigame server to be unique, unless you're a really good plugin developer with a really good development team.

    Even if RPG servers aren't too original, you have the best shot at originality in one of those. If you can make it as unique and fun as possible, I think you have a good chance. But I would be a bit careful with it. Although minigames are common, they also actually get players. I'm not entirely sure about RPG servers, but I'd guess that only the best of them make it very far.

    And anyway, as a player, I think an RPG server would be much more fun. I'm tired of minigames, and survival can get monotonous.
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