[RPG/MECH] The Hunger Games v1.1 [1.2.4-R0.1] or [1.2.5-R0.2]

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    The Hunger Games
    Version: v1.1

    <font color="#222222">Features</font>
    * A configurable, large indestructible glass dome to enclose the arena
    * A cornucopia with chests and random content
    * Digging depth limit
    * TNT mines surrounding entrance platform
    * Cannons fired when tribute dies
    * Spectators are "ghost like" and can give a tributes an item stack once a minute
    * Laying in a bed regenerates exhaustion even if you don't skip the night cycle. See http://www.minecraft...unger#Mechanics
    * More foods have a small chance to poison you
    * Commands to manage the battle
    * Arena is reset to state from before the battle

    * /games volunteer - Volunteer yourself as a tribute
    * /games spectate - Watch the Hunger Games
    * /games unspectate - Only usable while spectating, stop spectating
    * /games listtrib - lists tributes
    * /games listspec - list spectators
    * /games listgm - list gamemasters

    OP Commands
    * /games tribute [name] - Choose someone as a tribute
    * /games accept - Start accepting tributes for The Games
    * /games prepare - Prepare the tributes to start The Games
    * /games start - Start the games
    * /games gamemaster [name] - Make someone a gamemaster
    * /games ungamemaster [name] - Remove someone as a gamemaster
    * /games end - Gamemasters can end The Games early
    * /games tpspawn [name] - Teelports a player to the spawn
    * /games unTrib [name] - Removes someone from being a tribute
    * /games unSpec [name] - Removes someone from being a spectator

    <font color="#222222">Download (Fixed)</font>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <font color="#222222">Changelog</font>
    Version v1.1:
    * First public release

    <font color="#222222">Other Post</font>
    <font color="#222222">I have two posts going for this plugin. This one and one on the minecraft forums. I started the minecraft post first and have been updating that regurally. It's too much of a pain to keep two threads going at the same time so until the plugin is approved by bukkit I will only be updating this one</font>
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    Nice work! I've been looking for a Hunger Games plugin for a while that I'm going to use on my server :)
    One big thing though. Could you make this pretty much fully automatic so you dont need an OP online to do all the commands?
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    Nice plugin, just a couple of things:

    1. There are no chests
    2. The dome should be a hemisphere
    3. (An idea) An option that will automatically recruit players, lie "/games auto" or something.

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    You need to start the arena to get chests.
    But i really agree with Number 3, as I need it automated for my server.
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    This is Very cool I am already using it on my server already but i have 2 things:
    1. Can u hook a timer in to the MOTD you see before you logon to the server with the like auto game starter
    2. Can you make it so if you die you get kicked from the server and it wont let you logon until the game is over and the kick msg when you try to relogon is "Game in Progress X of X players are still playing.

    P.S. I love the death cannon
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    I love your plugin its amazing. I will be using this on my friend and I's server. Has a great potential keep working at it!
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    Thanks, i just found some other things that i was a bit concerned about... When i recruit players to the arena, i noticed that their inventories still had items in them; would you be able to add something that would clear their inventories and after the games restore their inventories? Thanks.
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    I also agree that if you made this a automated system, where players could sign up to battle and then when enough people have signed up the battle starts then this would be an amazing plugin!

    Love it :)
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    Very good, this will become a popular plugin for a close future.
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    ....wow nice!

    Definitely gonna have to make a video on this :)
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    Its been pulled from mediafire, probably because its using the name hunger games. Can you put this on bukkitdev?
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    There seems to be a problem. After a battle is finished people with armor on will keep it on even if there inventory is removed. This obviously gives a unfair advantage to that player.
    A Few Sugestions:
    1. Have a customizable reward system
    2. I haven't seen it yet but, a designated chest were peoples stuff go into once they volunteer
    3. Agreeing with everyone else, automated system
    Edit: Careful with RADIUS and remember its a x y z plane... so if its a 200 radius times that by 2 and then THAT by 3 1200 block total
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    1. I very much a gree with this.
    2. I think it is provably better to clear the tribute's inventory.
    3. It should be one of the main priorities of the plugin.
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    Amazing plugin! I run my HungerGames a little different tho, so I was wondering if there was a way to just get the randomizing items in the chests feature?
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    Again as my friends and I are aiming to build a world around this plugin. Leaves since they disintegrate after the wood is gone which allows players to leave the area, we have a 400 radius so thats a probably like a arena of 800+ sky limit.
    To elaborate on my #2 suggesstion In detail the players current items before volunteering go into a chest and when they leave the battle all items acquired from the Hunger Games Battle should disappear.
    Another thing is we see that chests are spawned around the middle but when place our own items into custom made place throughout the arena with a chest and item within. It Does NOT regenerate after the battle is over.
    P.S: If you would like to see us on the field pm and I will give you our address and add you to our whitelist.

    Edit: Building things over the beginning gates/area causes players to be put ontop of the trees and bugs out pressure plates to always be there.
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    I'm the admin on his server dev your welcome on at anytime!
    Just PM me!
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    The download link won't work.
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    Agree with Automatic system also needed multiworld support + More in0-game commands for setting up the games inset of config... might make it easier
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    Reccomendation: Add it so like in MobArena, players can /join and start the game by themselves, without an OP being on.
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    Yes! I've heard people throwing around the idea for this plugin, but finally an initiative. I wish you luck, good sir!
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    can we create our own maps and use this plugin on them? /how well will it work?

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