[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.4.05 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1.4.7-R1.0 / 1.5.1-R0.2]

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    mcMMO - The RPG Lovers Plugin

    Latest Release Version (1.4.05) : Info - Download
    Latest BetaVersion (1.4.06-beta2) : Download
    Work on 1.4.06 is underway!
    -=Official mcMMO Server=-
    IP: play.mcmmo.org
    IRC: #playmcmmo
    mcMMO proudly supports MCProHosting, the leading provider in Minecraft Servers
    1.4.04 has been released! This version contains numerous bugfixes, as well as support for the new 1.5 blocks. More 1.5 features will be coming once the codebase has stabilized to the point of a CraftBukkit Beta Release. You can download 1.4.04 here.​
    In order to allow server owners to keep up with development better, we have decided to begin release a weekly beta build on BukkitDev every Friday that contains all the additions, optimizations, and bug fixes we're currently working on. Hopefully this will allow for a compromise between our long-term releases and our endless flood of daily dev builds.​
    All donations are evenly split between dev team members.
    IRC Chat
    #mcmmo @ irc.esper.net
    Who is mcMMO?
    @nossr50 - Founder​
    @GJ - Project Lead & Developer​
    @NuclearW - Developer​
    @bm01 - Developer​
    @Glitchfinder - Developer​
    @TfT_02 - Developer​
    @T00thplck1 - Developer, SQL Guru​
    @Shatteredbeam - Community Manager​
    Quick Links
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    Issue is with another plugin, not us.
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    ok :D
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    What could be the issue if everyone can read all the party chat going on? It's happening since a few days on my server and someone just now reported it.

    E: Seems to happen since the new 1.3.07. Maybe a new perm node i'm missing?
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    cane you link te levels of your players to a website the higest level above and ..
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    The official mcMMO server is now running Hardcore Mode with Vampirism enabled, it included improvements from the 1.3.08 dev versions.
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    I just tried the latest dev version and still, everyone can read all the party chats going on. Could be a conflict with another chat related plugin? (Like MChat, TownyChat etc) But things work normall with pre 1.3.07 versions. Nossr50 halp!
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    Is there a way to set up mcmmo parties so players need to accept a player tp request instead of players in your party being able to tp to you whenever?
    Also if this is not possible I have found another plugin that should work but since the commands are similar (/party) they conflict with each other, I have tried disabling parties in mcmmo but this also seems to disable my alternate party plugin.

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    Hey ,

    the German translation is incomplete?!


    Greetz :)
    PS: iam german and my english is baaaaad
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    could not pass event Chunk Unload Event to mcMMO

    We have this error, with the newest version for R2.0.

    How to fix?

    If we use new database file it is fixed... So it's in the FlatFileStuff directory.

    But we doesn't want to delete our stuff..

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    Yeah, it is. If you wanna help finish it, feel free to give us a hand over at getlocalization.com/mcmmo

    Can you post the full stack trace?

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    Hi I got a request.
    Release 2 versions: normal version & lite version.
    The light version would have all combat skills removed.
    I'm asking this since a) new players get a big battle disadvantage when going on pvp servers since sometimes it takes ages to level.
    -Also b) players that don't go online that much (who are usually bad at pvping), or c) people who do not pvp much get an even bigger disadvantage because their axe, hand, sword,bow, etc.. levels are low.

    To improve gameplay I'd personnally only want this light/lite version on my server, and promote it for other server admins to use. I know you can just alter permissions manually, but when searching for a server in server lists it is easier for server admins (and players) to advertise 'mcmmo lite' version than writing an elaborate text in their topic to explain to players that you got a tweaked version of mcmmo,

    For the sake of balancing the pvp system on server, I sincerely hope you at least consider this.
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  16. Some weird thing are happening on my server ever since I updated to the latest (recommended) mcMMO build. In the config, cooldown is set on 60 (seconds I presume) but when I try to use an ability such as super breaker, it gives me a cooldown of 809675xx seconds!! I've restarted the server several times, as I read here it could help, but it doesn't :( What could be the cause of this?

    I'm Running as I said the latest recommended mcMMO build on top of CraftBukkit 1.2.5 R2.0.

    Please help, it's driving me nuts.

    I kept my previous files with all of the skill info, but that can't be the problem, can it?
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    Hmm, I recently installed Tekkit into our server, I was wondering. How would I go about adding such things as the dark matter pickaxe to be recognized by the plugin?

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    Probably have to compile from source and add the tool item ids.

    Renane /plugins/mcmmo/ to /mcmmobackup/ and try again.

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    What version of mcMMO are you running? I was under the impression that Tekkit only worked with older versions of Bukkit right now.
  21. I don't see how this could have fixed my problem, but I tried it anyway. Still nothing has changed sadly.. Any other suggestions?
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    Im using the latest craftbukkit build 2.0 and the latest mcmmo 1.3.08 but how come im not gaining any exp? am i suppose to config something to turn it on or what? i've been digging dirt and checking /mcstats and still 0 xp for excavation. any ideas?
  23. I've discovered something. Apparently I'm the only one who has the problem with the long cooldown (809675xx seconds translate to about 24 hours realtime game time!!) and the rest of the players on my server get a normal cooldown time (60 sec). That's not all.. I discovered that un-armed and woodcutting both work as they schould. But the rest of my tool's special ability's keep having the abnormaly long cooldown.. Why does it only happen to me (the server owner/admin/moderator)???
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    That is a long sword :p

    Also, I'm very surprised there are only 12 pages of replies on this thread.... the plugin seems more popular then that :p
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    It came from 2 different threads because those authors were not active at the time (nossr50 has since come back!). This time around they're sharing a single "mcMMO" account to be the owner of this thread, so regardless of who the active author is, they can keep the thread's main post up to date. Very smart move :)
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    I can't seem to get any other bukkit plugins to work when I'm running mcMMO. Is there any way for me to fix this on my end or what?
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    Any errors in console?
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    How can I remove the unarmed skill its getting really anoying when players remove the sword from my npcs...
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    I'm not getting any errors in the console. In fact the console doesn't show any of the plugins besides mcmmo loading when I start up bukkit. I'm trying to run "bMobs" or "AntiCreeper". Basically trying to get rid of creepers which I find too annoying.
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    If you have essentials you can disable creepers without AntiCreeper, if the creeper thing is your problem
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    Well how do I do it?

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