Inactive [RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.3.04 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1.2.4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by TheYeti, Jan 8, 2012.

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    mcMMO - The RPG Lovers Plugin


    Quick Links
    Latest Version: 1.3.3 (INFO, DL)

    We have moved to using our own JIRA install for tracking issues and have mostly
    completed the website. Both can be found in the links below. Most all support
    and bug tracking should now be done through the following link:

    Please use the mcMMO forums located at the mcMMO BukkitDev

    Dev Team
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    I get the same error, some random dude (who probably didnt even read the stacktrace) said it was towny but it clearly says cant pass to mcmmo.

    This error seems to kick people on my server when they attempt to execute a towny command.
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    I'm sorry Yeti but there has not been any acknowledgement on any forums that I have seen or response to dev tickets about the perm problem. Is this being addressed, ignored or am I blind and missed a response in which case I truly apologize but several of us have opened tickets a month old. McMMO would be the "best" there is but until the perm performance is addressed server admins who care about performance will not use this. ~ Mish


    Users.getProfile() is done thrice in a row! In run(), monitorSkills() and in watchCooldowns(). Users.getProfile() guarantees you to receive a valid PlayerProfile, you don't need to check it in run() or in monitorSkills(). Avoid the multiple call to System.currentTimeMillis() (expensive function), just do it once in run() and pass the value to monitorSkills() and watchCooldowns(). The multiple *1000 aren't very good neither. This kind of task could be done in another thread, as long as you're not using any Bukkit function (well, some are thread safe). Just pay attention to your HashMap and avoid concurrent modification exception (there is more than one solution to this problem).

    Optimized example:
    - players.put(player, new PlayerProfile(player));
    - return players.get(player);
    should be:
    - PlayerProfile pp = new PlayerProfile(player);
    - players.put(player, pp);
    - return pp;
    The difference is huge, seriously.
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    Hello Yeti I love that you are continuing this great plugin, but I have 1 question. I am using tekkit on my server and is it possible to add copper, tin, uranium, etc. to the miningxp list. Thisfar I tried putting them in de configfile with their id's 249, 248, 247 their names, blockOreCopper, blockOreTin, blockOreUran and as X249, X248 and X247. But none of this seems to work. Wich block names should I use?
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    The new nerfed diamond armor in 1.1.0 has practically killed every damage buff of mcMMO. Fights seriously last a good 3 seconds. No PvP server is going to be a fan of this, and I truly hope the damage buffs in mcMMO are changed to that effect.
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    Axes basically 1 shot anyone once they hit 500 I have tried and tried to remove them about 15 different ways they always come back not sure if it just doesn't agree with permissions bukkit or out of date with it. But yes axes since the diamond armor nerf just crush people and swords bleeds still seem to be bugged people will bleed until they basically just die. They can finish combat and when they go to walk away they just continue to bleed all the healing potions golden apples regens you want they just keep bleeding basically till death.

    Hopefully there can be a balance or an easy way to remove these in the works now since a new 1.1.0 RB is out.

    Anyways keep on working and can't wait to see what's in store!
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    It has been replied to, I was just focusing on some other things at the moment and the queue got slightly behind. This bug has been accepted and will be moved to planned for the next version. Right now I mostly want to get the event system rewritten, get the command preprocessor working (which I think it is now), and rewrite the config system as it is still using the deprecated system.
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    Heroes has two active developers at the moment, Dthielke and Sleaker. I'm the director and tester in most cases.
    It's about dedication, drive and direction. Something that the Herocraft Dev teams has in plenty supply :D
    TheYeti is a very capable and knowledgeable developer and will lead Mcmmo in the right direction for those who stick with it.
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    Well thanks Yeti and keep it up! Hope Mcmmo can continue on as it is one of the best plugins in my eyes for the multiplayer minecraft.
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    TheYeti work faster :p

    (just kidding..)
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    Yeah, the pvp aspect of McMMO needs some serious balancing. I think there should be an option to completely remove the pvp aspect via a config option if an admin so desired. (axes and swords would still work on mobs)
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    I'm hoping that a fix that was included in the 1.2.08 version (which has been promoted to stable) will address this, at least enough that it will allow commands to work until we can get a better solution in there.

    Also, for those of you who want to be kept more up to date on the development cycle and current activity of the plugin should join the #mcmmo channel on EsperNet.
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    I think this new version also can't access permissionnode.Im using latest groupmanager.
    All the people can use skill.
    What did you done?
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    Party GUI isnt working still... Latest RB SpoutPlugin

    By all means I'm not saying he isnt, he definately is capable and talented. I was telling the other dude in my previous post that give him some slack, he JUST took over the project and your team typically has more active developers on the project at one time than McMMO.

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    Hint, TheYeti is closely associated with our team :p We also hung out in Vegas at Minecon
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    I installed latest version of mcmmo... reloaded server...then went to see if it worked.. it didnt.. no commands work nothing... and it doesnt even say command doesnt exist.. then when i put the old version back in it worked fine.. any suggestions?
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    Just wanted to say ty yeti, everything works perfect again, im usin the newest recommended 1.1, thank you for taking this over and I look forward to your updates.
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    Nevermind I had to update my craftbukkit in order for it to work.. Total brainfart on my end sorry for wasting a post on such a moronic question.
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    Everything seems to be working fine on my home test server as well as the server I play on......thanks for keeping mcMMO alive and kicking!
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    Don't all the devs hang out in minecon =P
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    Current Download Link points to 1.2.07! To get the latest version, change the "07" in the bukkit dev address bar to "08"!
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    Sorry about that download link thing, it has been fixed. For those of you curious about what the changes are in this version here is the changelog.

    • Changed Bukkit events to new event system
    • Changed aliasing to send both the mcmmo command and the command used.
    • Changes in combat exp (Pull Request #49)
    • Repair for bows & leather armor (Pull Request #46)
    • Fixed missing images (Pull Request #45)
    • POM Changes for dependencies (Pull Request #36)
    • Fishing & Repair fixes (Pull Request #31)
    • Fixed CraftOfflinePlayer issue (Issue #212) errors for offline wolf owners
    • Pull in commit from NuclearW for issue from previous commit
    Stuff planned for the next and upcoming versions include.
    • Begin Sorcery addition to sourcecode
    • Convert config system from current deprecated method to the newer CB method
    • More configuration options
    • Further fixes to bugs
    • Continue to rewrite and streamline the code
    • Reduce system resource usage
    • Arcane Forging configuration options
    • Enchanting & Repair configuration options.
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    I updated to the newest one you released and had people gaining negative xp in the nether.
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    Rofl Disney

    What would I change to make skills harder to level?
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    Fishing skills dont work yet!
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    Hi TheYeti,
    I use your plugin with Heroes, bukkitinventorytools and Spout. Your plugin doesn't seem to work with Spout. The server starts fine with out errors but the SpoutCraft client cant connect and errors out. Im sad because we do use a few features in McMMO. Hope you will be fixing this soon, we miss your plugin.
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    Why cant i change swords experience or lvl'ing speed at all?? Somebody please help me with this.
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    My server crashed and mcmmo stats got reset, now no matter what backup of the Mcmmo folder I load into the server, everyone still has zero
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    Is there a way to reset all skills of a player with one command? For example, i got a banned player that is top on all the skills. I want to remove him. How do i do that? Editing his skills with mmoedit doesnt work. Doesn't give me any info and stats are not changing after i use /mmoedit playername skillname newvalue.
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