Inactive [RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.3.04 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1.2.4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by TheYeti, Jan 8, 2012.

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    mcMMO - The RPG Lovers Plugin


    Quick Links
    Latest Version: 1.3.3 (INFO, DL)

    We have moved to using our own JIRA install for tracking issues and have mostly
    completed the website. Both can be found in the links below. Most all support
    and bug tracking should now be done through the following link:

    Please use the mcMMO forums located at the mcMMO BukkitDev

    Dev Team
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    Are you saying the FX got canned, or sorcery altogether? X] Please not sorcery altogether, it looked very promising and fun. I hope it gets added.

    Good luck with your developing and whatnot, Nossr! Thanks for this plugin. <3
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    An amazing plugin my server lovers it and so do I brings an awesome new twist on minecraft so a very big thanks to you nossr50.

    I do on the other hand have a question about removing axes. It seems skullslitter is just abit to high on the damage scale and I have shut down and manually removed the axes column along with skullsplitter ability out of the ytml yet when I start it back up the skill is still in game. I also removed the full text for the skill gain 1.0 for axes same thing it just replaces it. Then I went and did the permissions and set mcmmo.skills.axes: false and still can be used so I tried mcmmo.skills.then every type but axes in the permissions and players still get axes... Is there any other way or anything I can do? Would appericate the feedback thanks!

    Hopefully you can help out Yeti!
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    @TheYeti Can I submit a feature request, for the api? It was in the works before you took over. :)
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    Can anyone help me with this problem?

    I let my users pick classes, and it gives them permission to certain MCMMO skills. I.E. Miner only gets Miner and Excavation.

    However, every single user seems to get archery, although the node (mcmmo.skills.archery) isn't even in the Default group. Is the node for this one broken or something? I even gave Default "-mcmmo.skills.archery" to take it from them, but it still gives them it.
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    That's like the problem im having gromkill i just can't remove axes... I don't get it i've tried everything i can think or bing search and google nothing. =/
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    @Butkicker12 Yea, just submit a thread in the forums or the issue tracker. One of the two, can't remember which right now. Regardless I will see it.
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    I'm not sure what's going on, but using the 1.2.08 dev build of MCMMO, when I type /mcc in-game, I get a severe error which causes a Java stack overflow, crashing the server hard.

    2012-01-11 09:12:26 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_COMMAND_PREPROCESS to mcMMO
            at java.util.Hashtable.get(
            at java.util.Properties.getProperty(
            at java.lang.System.getProperty(
            at Method)
    This happens whether or not I'm running Spout.

    I'll try 1.2.07 and see if this happens.


    Yep, it's the 1.2.08 dev build where the error happens. 1.2.07 does not have this error.
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    There is a bug currently where people can get axes and swords to levels 2k in a day. I'm not sure how my users did it.
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    The source link points to a collection of empty folders.
    Also, when I try to compile from nossr50's gethub I get this error:
    2012-01-12 02:37:34 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_COMMAND_PREPROCESS to mcMMO
        at Method)
        at<init>(Unknown Source)
        at<init>(Unknown Source)
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.util.ShortConsoleLogFormatter.format(
        at java.util.logging.StreamHandler.publish(Unknown Source)
        at java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler.publish(Unknown Source)
        at java.util.logging.Logger.log(Unknown Source)
        at java.util.logging.Logger.doLog(Unknown Source)
        at java.util.logging.Logger.log(Unknown Source)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
        at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.handleCommand(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
        at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.handleCommand(
    The last part keeps repeating for a while and stops.
    This only happens when one uses the /stats command.
    This looks like the same error people seem to get from 1.2.08 dev, I found nothing in the player listener that would cause this, just the deprecated "player.updateInventory()", but I know that's suppose to work still. Could someone please come up with a solution to this?
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    Anyone else having issues connecting to a REMOTE MySQL database? Doesn't matter what the host I put in it always tries to connect to localhost when I start my server (thus spamming my console with connection rejected attempts)

    Running Bukkit 1.0.1-R2

    (I've tried latest dev build of mcMMO and latest recommened build, no luck with either)
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    Guys, is unarmed's Disarm skill supposed to only work when using fists, and only when using Berserk?
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    As in the other thread, paste the MYSQL part of your config, sans the password.
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    It is supposed to only work with fists as far as I'm aware, but Berserk is never a requirement when I'm using it. I disarm all the time without the ability on.
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    Hey guys, does anyone have a full list of conflicts/false positives that are common when using NoCheat alongside mcMMO? I know mcMMO's Roll skill triggers nofall sometimes. Does mining ever trigger nobreak, or would a skill like Skull Splitter or anything trigger noswing?
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    Running build 1744, 1.1rc with no problems.. Love this plugin!!
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    Yeti - sorry to bother. Has the constant problem of this leaking perm checks to console for no reason been fixed? It was 'supposed' be fixed before but never truly was. Thank you for attempting to keep this alive!
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    is it possible to remove certain skills/ moves?

    like i want to remove the unarmed skill completely, as well as certain techniques from different skills.

    also, will this plugin work along with heros? so will any stat boosts to your character add on to what you have gotten on heros?
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    Yes! Happy to someone like Yeti pick up the plugin for continuation. My server and I love McMMO so we're happy to know that it won't fall into the depths of inactivity.
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    I would like skill limits. Or maybe if you go above a certain level on one skill, it brings another skills level down (you could maybe choose which one) so that way the entire server isn't over powered with long time players who can destroy you in a few deft swings of the sword.
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    Two things.

    1) Could we get the option in the config to turn off the pvp side of McMMO? For instance, serrated strikes will still slaughter a mob, but it won't work on a player. My server likes the perks, but it's very unbalanced and unfair in pvp.

    2) I don't know if it's intended or not, but when I repaired my enchanted diamond shovel, it continues glowing despite not actually possessing the enchantment. I also cannot re-enchant it.
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    When I compile the source, I'm getting console errors when using the /mcmmo and /mcc commands. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    This is lovely! ;) but if i may come with a few suggestions as to what to improve in the future:

    Admin defined quests.
    On my server we have a quest hall with litterary 50 signs in it. The users then have to post on our main site when they┬┤ve completed it to get their reward. This reward can litterary be anything. Currently were running by items at certain/hidden locations, or Reward packages in terms of additional commands. As an example our easiest quest for new players is the "I have a home!" reward package where a user who succesfully completed this quest gets the essential commands "essentials.sethome" and "essentials.home".

    In conclusion:
    1. - Support for admin defined quests.
    2. - Reward payed to user in either a chest or direct.
    3. - Possibility to add commands automatically to groupmanagers users.yml document.

    Feel free to write me if you wanna discuss this further. : )
  25. Thank you for taking this over!
    Btw, I would really recommend you that you have a look at the config.yml. It has multiple errors.

    EDIT: Oh and perhaps you can add NetherWart to herbalism? And I would love to be able to change the base exp of repairing tools and armor.
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    Danta1st - Why not use one of the several Quest plugins already created... citizens, Uquest.. just search them.

    NEREVAR117 - I agree it is a rather buggy skill - it can ignore friendly fire.I removed perm for it completely.

    TheYeti - No matter what version of McMMO or CB - this still leaks tons of perm checks. May I humbly request that be fixed before any additions. It is a rather large memory hog as is. Even with no perms enabled it checks constantly.
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    I have large problem...
    My server is useing this plugin, but this plugin don't support similarities in names :/
    For Ex:
    I have some XP at accout called Meta_Cz, but if someone connect at my with similarities name (meta_cz, or meta_Cz, and next...) it restart my XP at default account (Meta_Cz)
    Can you repair it developer?
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    Not sure where to report a bug so I guess I'll just do it here. I had just spent 50 levels enchanting a diamond pickaxe and then went to open a chest. My anvil (iron block) was right next to the chest and I accidentally clicked on it. Even though I had no diamonds in my inventory and the pick was not repaired, it still killed my enchantment.
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    This plugin feels slightly more dead then it did with 0 developer. RIP mcMMO
  31. maybe you should learn to read ...

    Development has been taken over by TheYeti! ​
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