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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Is there any way to edit the configurations for individual players, as opposed to the whole server? Like, I wanted to make a class system, where different classes had different exp growth rates for skills. Is this possible?
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    Pontus Lantz

    You get experience in taming when your wolf(s) get hurt by monsters.

    And the settings for MySQL is in the mcmmo.properties.
    Unless you mean installation for MySQL then you have to look for an guide since this has to be setup outside of the plugin.

    How do you mean? Can you be a little more specific.
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    Version 1.0.07
    • Added more repair customization to the config file by solarcloud7
    • Leaderboards ignore players with the respective stat at 0
    • Reconnecting to MySQL will reload player data
    • Fixed a NPE with MySQL's Leaderboards
    • Removed "Loop iteration" debug message from mcMMO
    It is recommended for users running FlatFile mcMMO to delete all *.mcmmo files in the /plugins/mcMMO/ file as how leaderboards are written has changes.

    Leaderboards are now going to ignore players with a stat value of zero, and it will thus ignore players with a power level of zero.

    When mcMMO reconnects to MySQL it will reload everyone in the server to reflect the stats in the database in case someone joins while the connection was down, etc...

    There was a NPE caused by /mctop with MySQL if you deleted a user just from the users table, it is now checked for in case anyone does this.

    An oversight caused a debug message to be left in mcMMO, thats removed now.

    A major changed to customization involving Repair has occured, thanks to solarcloud7 who coded up the ability to change the material you exchange for repairs, and the string for when it tells you that you do not have enough. He included an example in his pull request as follows...

    New Repair Variable examples...
    • GoldRepairItemNumber=318
    • GoldItemRepairName=Flint
    • CobblestoneRepairItemNumber=4
    • CobblestoneItemRepairName=Cobblestone
    • WoodRepairItemNumber=5
    • WoodItemRepairName=Wood Plank
    • DiamondRepairItemNumber=45
    • DiamondItemRepairName=Bricks
    • IronRepairItemNumber= 20
    • IronItemRepairName = Glass
    So basically the "Name" is what material the player is using, its what will appear in the message "You don't have enough x" when you fail to repair due to a lack of items. The other variable is the item id for what you are repairing, if you want gold to be repaired with flint you change it to 318 as seen in the above examples.

    If you have any improvements to mcMMO and you know how to program you can issue a pull request and if I like it enough and it doesn't go against what I have in mind for mcMMO it will be added.

    I'll be moving out tomorrow, so I might not reply for days at a time to this thread now. And updates will likely end up being weekly, hopefully I'll pack a lot more into updates to make up for this.
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    Is my question going to just keep getting skipped over?
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    Pontus Lantz

    As of this moment there aren't any way to configure for each player/group.

    Hmm i still have problem with that Stone and Wood Tools doesn't work on the Anvil. No messages at all. Thats kinda wierd since anything reply a message. Any clue what could cause this problem? I have tried reinstalling and tested without all other plugins but nothing seems to work.

    Edit: Figured out what the problem was. It worked once i tried while holding Cobble Stone.
    So the problem is that there is no reply message on stone and wood tools.
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    the /spawn cooldown after disconnecting is still reset.
    Can you fix this bug in a new update?
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    Wouldn't this delete everyones stats? Or are the stats in a different file?
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    After placing the 1.0.07 plugin into the directory I let it create a new properties file, stopped the server and edited it.

    When I re-ran the server, for whatever reason, both the Mining and Excavation exp needed while using the /stats commands showed 2x as much exp as what should have been needed.

    I stopped the server, and lowered their xp modifier in half, re-ran the server, and all is working well again.

    I mention this cause I'd like you to fix it. :p

    Anyone else get this on their server?
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    I hate to be a pain in the ass but is there a way to disable double drops for only one world? I still want everything else, but the double drops really spam up a world with stuff. I have 8 double chests full of cobblestone thanks to double drops and I don't want the new world getting clogged twice as fast :/
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    I didn't see anything about mysql in the prop file. Hmm, I guess I'll reinstall mcmmo. Does mcmmo need it's own db?
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    Stats are stored in mcmmo.users. Unless you're using mysql and have migrated your data. Then the only file that matters is the properties file.
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    Stats for flat file are stores in mcmmo.users, the .mcmmo files are leaderboard files, so mining.mcmmo etc...

    20 more minutes until everyone here starts moving more boxes
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    does mcMMO use /motd command at all? I notice it has an MOTD but I haven't set one for it
    (trying to figure out why /motd for commandbook isn't working)
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    It does not
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    First of all, this plugin is awesome. Everyone on my server loved it. But I had to stop using it because of lags it generated. (no errors, or anything like this) First few hours after restart seemd fine but after 5-6h chat started to be little laggy and blocks were randomly rollbacking, next, after 10-12h server was completly unplayable. I was randomly deleting new instaled plugins to find reason of this issue and it appeared that mcMMO was causing them.
    (mysql db, bukkit 740)
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    Approximately how many users do you have going at once?

    Also you might see if Squid are causing you issues. Silly I know but I installed this mod and my lag went away for myself and all my users.
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    @sauevaem Thats odd, I'm not aware of any memory leaks in mcMMO at the moment. Could you watch your memory usage with and without mcMMO and report back if its leaking with mcMMO?
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    GL nossr50 to the new location you are moving, safe travels. Packing and moving those boxes sucks just think of minecraft and good thoughts. Boxes = dirt blocks.
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    sure, not going to do it now but I will launch tests on some night when less players will be online

    about 10 to 30
    Squids are disabled
    Lages started after adding uQuest, iCoLand, mcMMO and updating dynamic map, minecartmania and worldguard. I started by disableing dynmap, then uquest and mcMMO. Disabling mcMMO stopped lags.
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    Okay well i will go more in-depth then. The sheep shearing skill would be trained by simply punching sheep. No more would there be no use to punching sheep. Some of the abilities and perks would include: ABILITY 3x drop rate, once activated you get 3x the drop from sheep, perks: treasure hunter, as with excavation you can punch sheep and get other things like diamond and light stone (not as useful as excavation though) the sheep would also drop colored wools and such. There is a bonus when training the skill for having at least 1 of all the different types of colored wool in your inventory - the bonus being more exp as well as more chance that a sheep will drop colored wools.

    Also another unrelated idea: toll signs (sign you right click to bypass, that withdraw money from your iconomy account?)
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    Actually I can handle antixray pretty well. It only crashed the server one time when I installed it and turned it on for the first time.
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    Leme get this right... you want a sheep killing skill that will add diamonds and lightstone dust as treasures in the sheeps wool?

    How did these items get stuck in sheep fur?

    Anywho guys, even my chair is moved out now. Next is my computer!
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    The treasure finding thing is ridiculous, but I suppose dyes falling out would be good (even though holy moly how'd that ink sac get there).
    I definitely wouldn't push for putting it in, though, seems fairly meh, plus sheep already have that random 1-3 wool drop as is :p

    If you could do a way to alter exp gain for different groups though that would be amazing :3
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    Do you have to set up a database just for mcmmo, or can it use another one, like my minecraft one?
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    I switched to mysql and did the upgrade command, went smoothly in a few seconds, but people are reporting that their stats have switched around like they had 270 in swords but now it's in axes etc
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    You can use the same database. Just make sure you don't already have tables that start with mcmmo_ or whatever prefix you choose...
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    Ok Here its is...

    Ranching - You Skill from Tending the livestock. (feeding livestock (pig,cow,chicken,squid,sheep) killing livestock, sheering sheep, milking cow/squid)

    Skill xp cart
    • feeding (wheat / raw fish for squid)- lowest
    • sheering - low
    • killing - mid
    • milking - High
    1. Double drops (of what they would usually drop so if you would get 2 you get 4 etc)- leather, wool, pork, eggs, feathers, inksack, Higher lvl - 2x Milk (if you have extra buckets on you)
    2. Chickens have a % chance to shit out an egg when fed
    3. Sheep have a % chance to grow fur when fed
    4. Feeding (wheat/raw fish) heals your farm animals by % (so you dont kill your sheep from sheering or... maybe this doesnt matter if when you fed a sheep and it grows fur back it just respawns a new sheep i dont know how it works :p)
    Double Skill Bonus
    1. If you have Ranching up too i dont know 500 AND you have taming up to 500 your dog can learn a new trick. Watch Dog - when you tell your dog to Sit while using a Stick? he will be on Guard duty, anyone that comes around (Player or Bad Mob) he will attack on sight.
    maybe other ideas later :p what do you think ??
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    Hey, i would like some restrictions to what tools people can use on what level. This because i want my server to work with restricted classes like a miner can mine with iron and better tools, a soldier can fight with iron and better weapons and better armor, etc etc.... I love the specials you have already but those restrictions would be great to fit in my server. Could make it optional within the mod maybe?
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