[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    • Fixed Green Terra going off without readiness
    • Fixed Hoe trying to ready when tilling Grass
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    Your fast on your feet,

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    yeah he is really fast, great support and best Plugin on Minecraft/bukkit.

    My question: When will the wiki be updated. Want to know witch level is needed for the cocoa bean drop and chance :p.

    And maybe an idea for those ones, who likes to built under water. (or better hate^^). A "Divingskill" would be great.
    So that you can use Sugar Canes by rightclicking, if item in hand, as a "snorkel" so you don't lose breath for a while when under water. (as ability). An skilling just dive and loose breath or so. Just a idea.
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    Im not getting any Herbalism xp now.
    Using version 0.9.26
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    Acrobatics doesn't really work on my server, you can level it up but it doesnt negate any fall damage even at lvl 105.
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    It may have already been mentioned but:
    Unarmed skill seems to be gaining xp no matter what (even with no permission node given except the exception node), i dont think it is giving the acutual perks ie:disarm so its not that big of a deal, but users are still getting the "Level up" notification. but cant even see unarmed in /stats.
    Also I'd like to apologize on how long it is taking me to get the next beginner's guide up. But i have currently been doing a complete rebuild of my server, from the ground up, based mainly on MCMMO and a custom class implementation where users are able to select MCMMO (and a few other plugins) "perks" so to speak. I think the next vid I will do will be an admin/installation vid, as it is all really fresh in my head atm :D
    Edit also, setting an XPmultiplier to 0 will nullify xp gain yes?
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    There are still dupe bug present.
    For ex.: when players are trying to destroy undestructible diamond block (ex.: in other town) - diamonds are dropped but block is still there.. so you can dupe diamonds...
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    @GregRUS Blocks placed before the new anti-dupe measures were implemented will still dupe, etc

    Version 0.9.27 [fire]Hot Hot Hotfix[fire]
    • Fixed Herbalism not properly receiving Triple Drops from Green Terra
    • Fixed Herbalism not handing out any XP outside of Green Terra
    • Fixed Herbalism asking for seeds on things that did not require it
    @diegokilla Yes it will, can you double check this unarmed issue? The code looks fine.
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    Thanks, this the greatest plugin for an rpg server :)
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    I am 100% sure that unarmed was giving xp regardless of permissions etc. and 99% sure that it was NOT applying effects IE: disarm. I can do a bit more testing but may take a bit as I am hot n heavy rebuilding my server atm.
    Also ty for the HOTHOTFIX, I was just about to post about not getting any herbalism XP from anyithing :p
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    Thank you for your hard work on this excellent plugin! Although, I do recommend that you use
    Show Spoiler
    spoiler tags to reduce the visible length of your OP on this thread. :)
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    Using latest mcMMO and cb670 with essentials group manager
    Permissions wont work, they were working on the previous mcMMO version i used, which was before the 'diamond' update
    Show Spoiler
    - mcmmo.ability.axes
    - mcmmo.ability.swords
    - mcmmo.commands.ability
    - mcmmo.skills.archery
    - mcmmo.skills.axes
    - mcmmo.skills.repair
    - mcmmo.skills.swords

    EDIT: Fixed it myself.

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    Bug to report:

    PVP Off, you can kill another player or yourself with burning arrows.
    Please fix this, thanks!
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    id really love mySQL support :3
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    I have posted on the wiki one of the drops of cocoa beans i have tested. Lv 50 Excavation on Dirt, rewards 10 Exp and seems to me it's a 1 to 20 chance. Of course these are not official numbers but thought it might help those interested :)
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    You, Sir, have won the interwebs.

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    i have a small request. can you make Lapis Lazuli drop from excavation?
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    Bukkit 670 & mcMMO 0.9.27 gravel to clay works regardless of the option. Really effed up my server economy... :-\
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    --.-- Am I missing something? I thought this was fixed in 0.9.23?
    Is it in the config?

    EDIT* I have people tossing them selfs off of cliffs to raise their skill levels. This image has the proof.

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    Even though I have the woodcutting ability denied through permissions, the text 'you raise your axe' 'you lower your axe' is still being sent to the chat log. The ability itself doesn't activate, as intended. Just the text.
    Bukkit 670 + mcMMO 0.9.27

    Also, is there an option to just turn off all abilities at once? It's kind of annoying having to deny permissions of each ability individually. ( -mcmmo.ability.* didn't work)
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    How about the axes ability? Remember that the axe is used with both the woodcutting skill as well as the axes skill (for combat). So you may need to block access to the axes (combat) ability too.
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    Yea, I blocked every single ability. I only wanted the skill system and chance events.
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    would it be possible to make the "tree feller" destroyed blocks loggable with logblock ?
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    How about just not giving them the permissions for the abilities? :p
    They have to have mcmmo.ability.* to enable them
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    One little bug.

    have set most of the abilitys to 60 sec cooldown. Giga Drill has a cooldown of 90 sec, but the message that "Your Giga Drill Breaker is refreshed" is shown 60sec after the last use.

    And maybe an idea for those ones, who likes to built under water. (or better hate^^). A "Divingskill" would be great.
    So that you can use Sugar Canes by rightclicking, if item in hand, as a "snorkel" so you don't lose breath for a while when under water. (as ability). An skilling just dive and loose breath or so. Just a idea.
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    Because I have -'*' set for Admins, and I didn't want the abilities on the server :p
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    Daniel Few


    Hey everyone. Excellent plugin i'll say first, however i found the config file a bit difficult to set up. I've re-arranged it here. Don't know if this has already been done but if you wanna use it then do.

    Maybe the original could be tidied up a bit?

    This config file is for McMMO-v0-9-27 and has all the settings set to default.

    EDIT: What i didn't realise is even if you do tidy it up yourself, i resets itself when you load the server. Thats annoying.

    Is it possible to make leveling up slow down a bit :/

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    Just go to your configuration for mcMMO and edit the SkillNameXPModifier = X. Higher numbers mean higher exp needed. Eg: woodcuttingXPmodifier = 2 (default), set it to 4 to double the time it takes to level woodcutting.

    But I should warn you the default levels are ok, it's quick at the start but from 900 to 1000 skill level for example it's a 2k average XP per level, that's a lot.
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    Feature request
    If party X already exists:
    User1 types /party x
    It sends request to members already in the party instead of just letting him join it
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    can you or any 1 else make jobs so you can earn xp or levels or iconomy money with
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