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    Seconded. And some sneaky, thief-type skills! And light/heavy armor skills!

    If you need a quick magic fix, I'm using Command iConomy + Spells, restricting the too powerful ones in Permissions and just charging for the others (blink, arrow, peek, etc) with Command. Players do have to use the console to cast, but they seem to enjoy it all the same.
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    bug report: CB556 MCMMO 9.10
    chimera wing doesnt reset properly after being damaged, it perpetually says must wait 60s
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    This is in conjunction with other Abilities not resetting. Its a Timer issue, that is known, being looked into, and actually his top priority to fix.

    Appreciate the Bug Report :)

    LOL Which Spells in the Spells plugin ISNT Over Powered? Look at a Block Cast a spell get that item... OP, Launch Ghast Balls to blow up players... OP, Teleport around, OP... Im all for a mage class but every Rune / Spell Plguin is like 'LETS MAKE THEM GODS!!!!lolololololol!!1111one1111!!'

    As for the Thief type stuff, im all for that! It would be awesome! a Stealth like ability and a backstab, But theives have reduced health etc etc... Fuck ya man Id love that.

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    hmm... i have got a bug(?) it keeps saying 'There is no fuel source avaible in this anvil.' and even when i got 64 iron ingots and a half broken iron spade it still keeps saying that.. any help would be appreciated
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    @Arjan That would be a different plugin, mcMMO does not have that
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    ah i see, if it helps at all, I have never had issues with abilities not resetting, only the chimera wing.

    On a side note, I just finished the next video and it is rendering at the momemnt :D
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    Hmm, Once nossr50 fixes the few issues with the next release, im sure he will look into this.
    Is there any more info you can give on it? Does it happen every time? Any Server Log Errors?
    The more info you give him to recreate it the faster it can get fixed.
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    Yes it happens every time, and continues to happen until server restart, there are no errors output in the console.
    Sorry but that is all the info I can give, as we dont use chimera wing on my server, and i only noticed it while I was working on my next Beginner's Guide video.
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    I have an issue with the mmoedit and mcgod commands. My name is in the file ops.txt but it replies me "Unknown console command", does it requires the permission plugin to works ?
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    nossr50, I. LOVE. MCMMO!
    Thanks a lot for the great work!
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    New video is up and ready for viewing.
    Myspawns,Parties, Chimaera Wing:
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    @Zonkcraft The xpGainMultiplier changes how much XP you gain through all Non-PVP actions, the globalXpModifier changes how much XP is required for every skill, so changing it to 2 would double the requirements.

    @Janb I could add in a /givexp command :)

    @Scandragon I tried this before but couldn't get XP, I'll try it again

    @diegokilla Noted, not a top priority fix though
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    Anything about translation?
    Maybe you could give me a copy of the sentences of the mod and I will translate into french.
    I really need this.
    Thank you man :)
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    *Drumroll* - Introducing the first update to address PVP imbalances, 0.9.11!
    This was quite a bit of work, almost as much work as a content update in fact. I hope you guys enjoy [sheep]

    Version 0.9.11
    • PVE Combat Skills experience is now based on damage dealt
    • The Timer will no longer break from Bleed Simulation
    • Tree feller no longer "damages" saplings
    • Bleed+ (Serrated Strikes) lasts 5 ticks down from 12
    • Bleed/Bleed+ now do 2 damage instead of 1
    • Power Level is now based on permissions
    • Counter Attack added to swords
    • Parry is now based directly on Swords skill level
    • Parry maximum proc chance raised to 30% from 20%
    • Serrated Strikes now properly applies Bleed+ to targets
    • Players who parry can no longer be disarmed
    • Acrobatics now has a Dodge passive skill reducing damage
    • Repair skill now effects how much durability is restored
    • Super repair now doubles the repair amount on proc
    • Unarmed now starts with a bonus to damage to encourage use
    • Unarmed now has two steps to damage scaling, Appentice, and Mastery
    • Unarmed disarm now caps at 25% for 1000 skill
    • Fixed problem where Archery skill procs would ignore other plugins
    • Ignition changed to 25% chance
    • Ignition length will be based on archery skill level
    • /myspawn now has a warning about the inventory loss penalty in /mcc
    • mcMMO Timer now runs in 1 second intervals rather than 2
    What you need to know
    The timer in mcMMO was previously running in 2 second intervals and now it is running in 1 second intervals, you will need to change the cooldown lengths in your flatfile from 120 to 240 to keep the 4 minute cooldown length, or just delete your configuration file and generate a new one.

    PVP Changes
    There are numerous PVP changes in this update. I went about balancing PVP by having Olat lend his server to me for testing. We conducted many tests to get feedback on the PVP mechanics, we had world PVP, CTF style PVP, and one on one PVP.

    Based on all the feedback many tweaks were made until we felt satisfied with how they are. PVP balancing will never be perfect in any RPG but at least its not a landslide victory for Unarmed anymore. And swords is actually pretty good now.

    Pesky Timer Bug
    Anyone experiencing their Timer breaking (Unlimited Abilities/HP Regen Breaking) will be relieved to know that I have solved the main reason the Timer was breaking. It shouldn't break anymore!

    Repair Overhaul
    Repair has been tweaked, now point per point you will be effecting how much durability is restored when you repair. Super repair now provides a durability bonus instead of a full repair guarantee. I may be tweaking Repair XP gain soon, but for now its the same system as before.

    Known Issues
    Arrows can be counter-attacked by Swords right now, this is not intended and is a high priority fix for upcoming patches.
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    Oh, mages could also have an X second invincibility, and invisibility... ofcourse 1 second wont help you much on low levels, but it could grow, and it needs long cooldowns, or not invincibility, but just 'unbreakeble armour' for a few seconds, absorbing all damage, and taking non.

    I am wondering about how mages could gain XP though... without them spell-spamming for XP
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    with the 0.9.10 update gravel started converting to clay again, though the option is turned off.
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    @Marduk1608 Remove the config file and set everything up again
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    so we got a version of mcmmo that doesnt make invincible players ? and how about the skills being stuck on forever once a player is bugged is that no longer an issue ?
    for the past 8 updates ive put your plugin in and taken it right back out after someone gets bugged and fears the banhammer i like your work but should i drop my players out of my server to try another round of mcmmo ? every version has made me drop the server and take the plugin out have you made some progress this time :confused:? i will check to see that this is answered before i use your plugin .. thank you for your work we LOVE MCMMO and appreciate it alot but im scared of glitching my players again !
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    One of my users are reporting that taking damage from skeletons increases your acrobatics. Maybe a bug with range attacks?
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    @hazuma Dodge skill gives XP for acrobatics, Dodge skill is related to Acrobatics

    @ZerG I'm very sorry to hear you've had that experience with mcMMO, I would definitely try this version. However in the future I really need you to post errors in your server console related to mcMMO on this thread so I can fix these issues faster, the main reason it took so long to fix the Timer was the lack of anyone posting errors. I pay attention to every error log posted in this thread and it helps greatly with bug fixing.
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    nossr50 I am still getting this error where even at level 1000 herbalism it still shows that my bonus to health is level 1 only. It doesn't seem to show the correct food health bonus according to the level of herbalism
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    @defofchaos I'll look into this, I looked at my code last time you mentioned it and everything seemed ok. I'll give it a harder look.
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    are there higher levels than 1000 ? or is 1000 the maximum ?
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    It would be nice if you updated the main post to include all the new stuff that has been added to the wiki. Me and boxman worked hard on them. Lol.

    But anyway, good release. Nice to see PvP is getting fixed (looks like a good start already).
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    2011-03-28_19.34.30.png 2011-03-28_19.34.56.png

    I decided to upload some pictures to help the case. As you can see the first picture has my herbalism at rank 151 and shows Bonus healing at level 1. While the 2nd picture has herbalism at level 1000 and the food bonus healing rank is still at 1 as well. I don't know what is causing this, if it is something on my end or if it is an actual bug. The bread and stew still heal the right amount even though it doesn't say anything, so it is merely a text bug if it is one.

    I also checked if this would occur with other skills and checked with archery and the bonus damage. And archery is completely fine and shows the correct damage bonus for each level.

    @Raiden273 the skills can go higher then 1000, but there are no additional benefits of it, my mining on my server is currently 1145, you will continue to gain xp and go up in levels but that is all you get.
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    as i can see you have mining at lvl 1145 ...do this mean you have now a 114,5 % chance to double drop ? does it mean you can drop 3 instead of 1 or 2 ITEMS ?
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    Yes I have a 114.5 chance of double drop, which means I always get a double drop. I have never seen a triple drop unless I use the superbreaker ability. Seeing how the coding works, it should never proc a triple drop because of a probability chance over 100%.
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    but it would be not a bad idea to make it with triple drop....but it should take after lvl 1000 more time to lvl up ^^
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    But if it creates triple drops based upon your xp, the point of super breaker would be pointless. The point of the mining ability is for the chance for triple drop. Which I think scales with double drop, which means if you have a 50% chance of double drop then there is a 50% of a triple drop, if you have 100% double drop then a 100% triple drop. Usually what I do is I save my superbreaker for diamonds and gold and only use it when to gain max yield.

    On some servers the ability for double drop is already gamebreaking for a RP server, adding a triple drop on a regular basis would make it even more gamebreaking and if it continues, what stops people from having 10x drops. Just making it exponentially difficult for new people starting on the server to catch up to people who have played there with a much higher mining skill.

    I think the mining skill is just fine the way it is and is not needed, a good spleunking on my server usually yields me 30-40 diamonds because of the superbreaker ability alone.

    I would just wish that xp would stop accumulating after you have reached max level. But I don't know the degree of difficulty it would take to code that into the plugin.
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    Is there a way to disable admin chat in the config file. Cant seem to find out how to omit it from permissions for Admins because admins have '*' for their permissions.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Also cool plugin.
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