[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    I'm having issues with MCMMO.
    When running it crashes, when I disable it, everything is fine.

    The error:
    I am running :

    when I disable MCMMO it works fine.
    Is there a conflict I don't understand?
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    @philoscience I do have a donate button near the download button

    @Phatcat There probably is, run mcMMO by itself and see if you get any errors
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    Tony Camara

    Hello, I'm trying to make a working .jar file from the source at github. I cloned it and have eclipse and maven installed, but do not know how to form it back into a plugin (I wanted to raise the experience gain from pigzombies, but can't even get the default source to compile)

    I am new to this, and any turn in the right direction would be helpful. Assume that I have everything downloaded and installed correctly and just need the commands (with eclipse or simply command line, whichever works) to turn source from git into a jar file runnable with craftbukkit,

    Pretty pretty please =)
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    Ahh help! Haha... Well, I'm unsure if this is an easy change or not, but when I use WorldGuard to disable PvP inside the starting town on my server - Unarmed skill will still work! You can disarm people of their weapons. Any chance you could make an option to enable/disable this? (Seeing as how it could be seen as "pickpocketing" and some players may want such an option). Thank you!
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    Someone had already asked, but is there any way to download the previous version of mcMMO? The procs aren't working correctly with the current version and my server members are very unhappy :(
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    @vobilli could you go into more detail on what is not working?
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    My problem is specifically with bows and swords. The bows do not proc stun/fire in pvp, and swords show that they parry but the player is still taking full damage. Please please could I get the previous version? This is taking a huge toll on my pvp server [​IMG]
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    I have one user who MCMMO does not work for. Everything works for everyone else, he can use commands but he does not gain, nor do his skills proc. I dont understand this as he is the only one. I tried deleting his user in the mcmmo.users file, but when he rejoined still could not gain EXP. I dont know what is wrong (permissions are setup correctly)
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    Loving the mod, but is there a way to toggle HP regen? Makes the game feel like a casual modern FPS. :p
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    yeah because i have a team of debuggers standing by to test my server. Just what is the reason for adding igrow into this???
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    Yeah because you can't test mcMMO by yourself and being expected to read the whole post and understanding its features is completely unreasonable.
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    suggestion for new game mechanic (similar to gravel -> clay)

    mossy cobblestone growth:
    would require the following conditions be met
    1.cobblestone block with water block adjacent (not above or below)
    2.Low light level
    3.(player uses bonemeal on the cobble) OR (there is another mossy cobblestone nearby)

    edit: maybe the player could gain herbalism xp on bonemeal use?
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    When in protected area, everyone is hitting each other with weapon increasing there weapon skills to 500+ easily ; /

    I am using World Guard, can you maybe patch that?
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    Some news about anvils breaking after a while bug
    It appears that bukkit eventually stops returning the correct info for iron blocks after a while once the server has been reset. I put my speculation and information on the bug into a bug report. You can help by voting this bug report up so the bukkit developers might pay attention to it sooner.


    Here's a preview video on one of the new items coming in 0.9. The use of the item requires a permission so its completely optional much like everything else in mcMMO.
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    Wouldn't be surprised if it was related to http://leaky.bukkit.org/issues/467 .
    I know this bug is hurting my plugin pretty bad. If you do a block.getType() after bouncing back and forth between chunks and worlds, you have a goodly chance it will just start returning AIR instead of the proper block type. :|
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    How does one set the Motd?
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    I would also like to set this, or rather remove this if possible. It tampers with my well-constructed existing motd and simply makes it a lot uglier (not that your construct is ugly, just it doesn't fit in with my color scheme.)
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    Add '-mcmmo.motd' to your permissions for all groups and it won't be displayed to anyone.
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    By the way, looks like craftbukkit build #552 should fix the block.getType() issues.
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    a little bug.. well quite huge is: my normal users have to have access to 'mcmmo.tools.*' to use the /[skillname] command.. but then they also get permissions for mcgod and mmoedit.. but i fixed that by giving these permissions to my default users:
    - 'mcmmo.tools.*'
    - '-mcmmo.tools.mmoedit
    - '-mcmmo.tools.mcgod'
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    Any idea?

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    How do I add an MOTD?
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    I'm thinking of charging uses in-game money to set their own spawn point. Right now i'm doing that by getting them to pay me money and then I edit the mcmmo.users file next time they're offline to add-in the spawn point they request. It's cumbersome and i'm worried eventually the mcmmo.users file will corrupt with constant editing.

    It would be great if the OP could set the spawn point of ANOTHER user.
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    There's still many hours of coding ahead before 0.9 is finished but its looking like its very possible I will have it finished this week.
    @Mochara I'll make it so you can set the myspawn of other players in 0.9 update
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    There seems to be no regeneration on my server anymore, how do i fix this?
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    Can you make it so that you can SLOW the rate of exp? I set all my xp modifiers to 1, but users are still getting 50 levels per day, which for a server that intends to be up and running for a few years, does not work out well. (Considering that means after 20 days you have double ore no matter what)
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    @Monkah By setting it to 1 you have made leveling faster. The higher the number is the longer it takes for each skill level gain.
    @Vyktar Regeneration is fixed in 0.9, but its currently disabled in 0.8.21. Once 0.9 is out it will be returning.
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    How do you change the greeting?
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    Please add a Cooking Skill!!! Make it so you "burn" food (just remove it on cooking with a message that you lost your food). Not a ton to work with in Minecraft right but we have apples, fish, cake, pork, bread, mushroom soup. And I'm sure more will come out over time.
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