[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    same error, plus when i update it keeps resetting everyones stats, man this is getting frustrating. I really hope this addon doesnt become too big and overwhelming for the developer.

    im using cb 522 btw. I know it says 493.
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    @Daveyo & @Niels I understand errors are frustrating, I'll get it fixed soon! It's not too big and overwhelming for me right now, plus I have another developer joining the team soon [​IMG]
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    Yup, I'm having the same problem here. I use Citizens and NPCs also get u exp when hit.
    Temp fix for me is to switch of pvp exp.

    Another thing is that when accessing the sword skill info I cannot see the percentage chance of parrying or bleeding. Also I can't see very well what bleeding actually does xD

    Besides this though I am loving this server mod. Thank you nossr50! keep up the good work especially with the over 6 updates within the past few days =D
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    @MCbyWay That will be in 0.9, working on 0.9 as we speak. In a programming haze one could say.
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    Does this work with the latest hmod? My friend tried on his server and it didn't work.
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    Wow... Thanks in advance!
    My server is really enjoying this mod =D

    I have a question though, are there any plans to make the herbalist bread usable on other players? I have an aspiring medic in my team you see, she would love to be able to heal others with her high herbalist skill. I understand the plugin requires stability over features but i just wanted to know.

    Regardless, keep up the good work!
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    I'll look into it, whether or not it makes it into 0.9 who knows.
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    bug report:
    repairing gold armor gives xp and uses gold correctly but DOES NOT actually repair the armor, (the durability stays the same) tested with armor, havent tested tools...
    CB522 mcmmo8.21
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    @diegokilla Thanks for the report, shall investigate.
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    Okey thanks, I'll wait for a fix :)
    Thank you for your reply.
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    many guys asked where the old stats are, guys read carefully the description und take the old file into the plugins/mcMMO folder.
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    1. Also noticed the 8.21 D/L link gives version 8.20 when i install it and run. *shrug*
    2. Health Regen seems to have stopped working from 8.16 to vers 8.21
    3. Procs in PVP arent working either. No one is getting set on fire or Disoriented by bows. Parries still take dmg upon parrying.
    4. Some deaths in PVP cause the player to Die but not actually die. all items duped and dropped player death msg but he doesnt actually die.

    Editted: Added 3 and 4.
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    This is probably the funniest thing I've seen on "The Bukkit Forums".
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    Can't believe I stayed up this late programming :3
    I'll be working on releasing 0.9 this week hopefully

    @Olat Health regen will most likely come back for 0.9 provided I fix all the problems with it

    @silentdojo Haha, I don't understand how something like that gets asked either...
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    I use Towny with MCMMO plugins on my server, but if mayors of towns set PVP off - you can glitch your skills by hitting someone who cannot die cause of disabled PVP:

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    I noticed that you are planning harder enemies.
    Do you think there would be a possibility of making this work with worldguard, so that you can set the difficulty in different regions from WorldEdit/WorldGuard? An example would be:
    Enemy Config (open)

    Region: Spawn
    Enemy stats:
    - Health [Health]
    - Damage [Damage]
    - Vision [Meters/Blocks]
    - Speed [Seconds to pass 10 blocks]
    - Drop [Name/ID] [Quantity] [Chance%]
    - Money [min-max] [Chance%]

    And possibly not enter an enemy to not let an enemy spawn in that region.

    This could be changed by a configuration file or vie commands like this:
    Commands (open)

    /mcc Zombie [Health/Damage/Vision/Speed/Drop/Money] [Settings like in config]
    - 'mcmmo.[region].[enemy]'

    It would be very awesome to do this.
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    you have a link to older versions?
    Id like to reset back to one before the PVP was added because i think most of the procs actually worked but not skill gains in PVP. So id probably wanna stay on an older version until the PVP aspects are fixed since my Server is a Pure PVP server. Thanks...
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    @Olat Just disable pvpGivesXP=true in the configuration file
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    This plugin has changed its location for storing the player/stats database its not longer in the root folder but now in the /plugins/ directory move the old database to new location restart and it will be fine..... this caught me out to
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    I tried to put a warning about that where everyone would see it, right next to the download button.
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    hi can please explain me one how the multipliers run?
    if i set it to 3 you got mor exp or less?
    "Configurable - Want to make mining take 3x longer to level? You can."

    XP Modifiers (Change these to change the XP formula, these are multipliers)

    Global XP Modifier (Change this to effect the XP curve of all skills, its a multiplier)
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    Hopefully I make some sense in this video, its a bit of a developer commentary and demonstration of the woodcutting ability
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    I seeeee. Yeah my plugin level is only about 22 so I dont really have that skill down yet
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    Reposting my request as it was buried under the excitement of the new update. The new abilities look awesome BTW! Please please, consider making the gravel-clay transmute toggleable! We love your mod but this is a total deal breaker for us. It seems to be the one downside to your mod- if I want to add RPG elements, no reason to mess with clay. Maybe a future ability it could be done. Clay is very rare and rewarding to find and right now your mod breaks this for reasons unconnected to the core of the mod. So please, make it toggle-able!

    our server
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    @philoscience it is toggleable, open the config file in plugins/mcMMO
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    ...................... why would you make this. It completely destroyed my economy
    I thought it was just a bukkit update we didnt see
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    Ahh, thank you!! Do you have a donate link because I would totally donate 10 bucks to your mod. Sorry for bugging you with my stupidity. On that note, I thought of something worth considering. Right now several of my players complain about being able to pick unlimited number of classes. They see this as somewhat unbalanced. I know that you can limit classes with permissions, but then we need to edit permissions for individual players. I came up with a really simple fix for this- (toggleable of course) what if XP cost for individual skills raised with your overall power level? This would very emergently create true classes, as you would want to focus on a handful of skills before reaching powerlevel 100. On RPG servers, it then makes sense for people to specialize (blacksmith, miner, hunter, etc). You could even have it add "Miner" or something to someone's player description when they've reached 100 in that skill. What do you think?
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    its possible to make that a level to use a tool
    wood lvl 1-10 woodn axt
    wood lvl 10-20 stone axt

    Whats with gold, stone items and Leather Armor?
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    Hey just wanted to say thanks so much for this mod its had great reception on my server.

    Is there a way to setup what power level health regen kicks in?
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    If your server's economy is important to you, you'd have either some sort of transaction log to revert the transactions as much as possible or thoroughly tested this before you introduced it to the general public. I agree, the idea was interesting but extremely exploitable, as my test run gave me stacks of clay in minutes. I just disabled it. [​IMG]

    The exp you receive will be the same. What it changes is the needed exp to gain a skill level. So setting it to higher numbers means it will take longer to level up.
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