[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Hmm, thats a pretty cool idea JedMyre.
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    Any way to disable some commands without getting permissions?

    edit: using ascii characters seems to work well enough
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    Great mod!!! I have seen another mod which allows use of a tool only at a specified level! Im really suprised this mod doesnt have similar functionality... anyway, is there a way to modify how much the skills actually effect the gameplay? I think i heard acrobatics disables all fall damage if it procs, and max unarmed has a 1/5 chance of disarming someone. Is it possible to tone down those effects in the user files? thanks for the support, awesome plugin
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    any input on this nossr?
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    Noticed a bug with the anti dupe for mining. Block dirty flags get reset each server restart so players can put previously mined blocks down and wait for the next restart which on our server is every 2.5 hours to mine them again for xp and double drops.
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    @Glen Ah yeah, I need to write a flatfile to store information about blocks placed by players. Sorry for not doing that sooner, I didn't think anyone would figure out the exploit anytime soon :)

    Anyways, I started an mcMMO wikia here
    It's pretty bare bones at the moment, I'll work on filling in all the information tomorrow or the next few days. If you want to help feel free! I'll correct anything thats incorrect when I check the wiki.

    After writing up the excavation article on the wiki I noticed that I should balance some of the drops, so that will probably be coming in an update soon.
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    So I just realized that the ignition chance from arrows also effects snowballs and eggs. This has drastically increased the death rate on my server. Is this a known bug?
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    @MonsterTV Doh! I'll get that fixed in the next update
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    Okey I will just HAVE to try this.
    I have always been addicted to RPG !! :D
    Okey it's working on my server and the players love it !!
    Thanks for your amazing plugin :D
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    My jizz skill increased by 900, Truely an amazing plugin. I thank you, sir.
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    Not sure if anyone else had this problem or not, but some where in the transition to 8.16 from 8.12 my mcmmo.users file was overwritten and I lost all skills for my players.. I only backup the world folder so I didnt have a recent backup of that file as the others are backed up weekly.
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    where does this plugin store its data?

    No worries i've found it xD mcmmo.users
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    Can you make it so Players can gain XP from attacking other players. Im admin on a PVP server and we dont run around killing monsters... So id like for them to be able to gain skills in PVP.
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    Realy nice plugin but im a bit confused because mining double drop seem to be 95 % instad of 5% so at the moment ill get crasy amount of stone.
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    No XP here when is PvP kill.
    On settings
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    is there ANY way to make this work with the DropBonus plug-in?

    seems to completely break it in newest version
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    @Beatkidz I looked at the source for that plugin and mcMMO shouldn't be interfering with it.
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    I used mmoedit to set stats on 1000 every skill... but no skill for double drop seems to take effect.

    Plugins: Roles AnjoSecurity Persistence NoCheatPlugin PermissionsSupport NameChecker EssentialsSpawn Reserved Spells SimpleBan Permissions HeroicDeath EssentialsServerlist Minecart Mania Autocart GroupManager WorldGuard BigBrother CrowdControl Minequery Vanish CommandHelper Minecart Mania Core Minecart Mania Admin Controls AfkBooter Wand Lockette WorldEdit Essentials HeroChat mcMMO

    I dont use plugins that changes drops. What can be happening?

    I see it is for a very limited kind of blocks that does double drop
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    Version 0.8.17
    • mcmmo.users moved to plugins/mcMMO/
    • Snowballs and Eggs will no longer trigger Ignition
    • Loot tables for excavation adjusted
    • Mining benefits now require the player to be holding a mining pick
    • Woodcutting benefits now require the player to be holding an axe
    Notice: mcmmo.users is being moved from the main server directory into plugins/mcMMO/ please transfer your file into the /plugins/mcMMO/ folder!

    To see the new loot tables for Excavation look at the mcMMO wiki
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    Excellent! All seems to be working fine on my end.

    Also, on the excavation page in the wiki, you have some odds listed as "5 in 100" - It seems odd, since you have "1 in 10" also down the page, why not list it as "1 in 20"?

    (Maybe I should just help edit the wiki, instead of posting here about it?)
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    @Eckhart Yeah go ahead and correct that! :)
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    You've opened the flood gates now. Not a single sentence will go unedited!
    nossr50 likes this.
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    I don't mind :)
    In fact I encourage it
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    @nossr50 Would it be possible to add a new permission node for the experience. So that each player could have 'permission' to earn XP in a skill, but wont get the benefits / bonus's of the skill unless they have mcmmo.skills.miner for example.

    we have ranks on our server, and only certain ranks get access to certain skills, eg the miner rank gets the miner skill. I would however like players to be able to earn XP in all skills, so if they decide to change rank, they are not starting fresh again or losing XP they got in previous rank.
  26. By placing a block of sandstone and than mining it, provides with two sandstone. In theory, infinite sandstone. I was wondering if this was a glitch. So far, it appears to be only sandstone and no other blocks
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    Version 0.8.18
    • Sandstone now gets added to the list of blocks to watch for exploitation
    There you go Josh :)
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    Going to ask this again as it was not answered. Will you ever implement mySQL into this to save the users levels?
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    @Projectleeroy its not on my todo list but it may one day make its way into the plugin
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    ok just wondering as it would be cool to be able to show are users levels in there signatures xD
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    I'm trying to run this on a VPS, but it will not create the config file or the other files required. Is it possible to download this from anywhere or am I doing something wrong.

    I'm running my server on a linux ubunto VPS.
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