[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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  2. There's an option to change the command in the settings...
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    Tried that... didn't work... It sucked :\
  4. Worked fine for me :/. Are you sure you're editing the correct file (New version makes the config in plugins/mcMMO now, rather than bukkitdirectory/mcMMO)?
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    I'm using 0.8.13 atm I run a public server and its busy can't take it offline atm but when its able to go down I'll update and see if it works with update. Has he made all the commands changable or something?
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    Thanks for changing permissions location!
    Very helpful :)

    Idea: leveling acrobatics should still give you as much exp for a roll as if you had taken the damage. Without that, it'd become artificially more difficult to level up at higher levels, since you would be constantly climbing mountains and jumping off them and getting nothing for it with your roll chance so high.
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    thanks for fixing death duping issue
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    Oh duh! Sorry about that, your completely right X)
    Love your work, your plugin and the "vampirism" plugin are making my server one of the most amazing thing's i've ever played XD ...especially "ignite" for arrows, good lord is that awesome! Put my money where my mouth is and donated.
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    mathew lacombe

    Okay i love this mod, but i have to ask what is the reasoning behind not being able to get exp for woodcutting on a tree that you have planted from a sapling, basically asking people to grief each others tree farms to get WC up. Hopefully a response and a change in the near future. <3 Menace
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    hi, I'm using runecraft.

    This may not be for mcmmo, but I'm asking to see if maybe thats it anyways.
    I'm using the power pick (use the wiki) And it takes out a 3x3x3 cube of whatever you're mining, nothing else.
    Everything drops (And double drops sometimes) Except for redstone, which only drops from the one block.
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    Power Pick is added by Runecraft, not mcMMO. Might want to talk to them about it since that sounds like a Power Pick issue.


    Remove permission to mcmmo.motd for the group you don't want to see the message.
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    I use Fraps, i heard camtasia (maybe it was camstudio?) was decent... FRAPS ftw imo

    Edit: also i was under the impression that Players were not supposed to gain XP/rare drops from digging blocks that they placed?? i am getting glowstone dust as well as excavation xp from dirt that i have been placing... maybe that was just for mining/dropping ore blocks.
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    Yeah this started happening in this update for me also. I don't remember getting exp from it before.
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    Thanks for this great plugin! I really love it!
    I was wondering if there are any plans to add help list like /mcmmo which will show the users all commands available? :)
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    thank you
    its great
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    what version of permissions does this work with currently?
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    It already exists. /mcmmo gives general information, /mcc lists the available commands (the ones you have permissions for)

    The most recent, 2.5.4.
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    Ah, ok I was just wondering because these commands are not shown within the /help command of Essentials.
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    Will this ever support mySQL???
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    k thx
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    Change it to
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    I hope you get this man!
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    @strupan Have you tried 8.16 yet?
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    Yes same thing but every 1-2 hours and the errors will keep going on for 30 min straight and also, my CPU overloads like crazy at 100% when I use it ;(
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    Its probably a plugin conflict... try running mcMMO by itself to see if you have errors. Also make sure you are using the latest RB of CraftBukkit.
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    Hey, do you mind a suggestion ? For Mining, how about adding tools life as you lvl ? So at the beginning it's the same as a vanilla server, but as you get, say, level 25 you get a 10% increase in life, at 50 skill 20%... all configurable ? (X% each Y levels for exemple).

    This might be a stupid idea btw, but I prefer to propose the idea anyway... just in case :p
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    I wish you could set what armor people could wear based on the Class or skill.
    I am using Roles and GroupManager to make a Class like system of Professions and Skills for each of my factions.
    IE each faction member can get 1 weapon and 1 profession skill based off that factions selection. I want my archers to only use Leather Armor. And like unarmed players able to use Chainmail , and then the Axe / Swordsman can use iron or diamond based on their skill lvl.

    Also is there a way to limit how fast an Archer can Spam fire? Thats a major issue on our server of players just SPAMMING arrows.
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    Any chance food could add bonuses? Like if you eat a good bowl of stew before you head out and mine you will get better yields. Perhaps tied to herbalism. That would also give people a reason to still make/eat food even if monsters are turned off.
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