[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Version 0.8.15
    • Fixed bug where mining double drops happened almost all the time for low levels of mining skill
    Derp! Here you go guys.
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  3. Awesome quick fix! Testing...
    Thanks alot!
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    Awesome. I wish some other plugins had the amount of support you give mcMMO..
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    I'm one more vote for 'changing the default config folder to /plugins', and for setting the default gravel-to-clay to false.

    The host I'm using only supports accessing plugins, permissions, and backups. I haven't been able to edit my config file for this plugin since I started using it.

    (^This sounds like complaining to me. It's not, your mod rocks. :3)
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    I've installed mcMMO on my bukkit test-world.
    It loads and appears on first blush to be active in that I get the "do /mcmmo for help" message and can execute "/mcmmo" to get the results.
    However, no mcMMO folder was created in the plugins directory where I can edit the configuration file. Maybe I don't know where the folder is supposed to be created?

    As a side note, my server is run under MineOS as a ram-disk, which does various clever things but one that could be relevant here is that the plugins are in a sub-directory of the directory containing the craftbukkit jar...in case that matters.

    What do you recommend I do to troubleshoot this (and to assemble relevant data) before I spam the forum with plugin details?

    BTW: I'm Admin in Permissions v2.5 which runs fine for other plugins, craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-458-g557f3d2-b440jnks (MC: 1.3) runs fine, I don't know about iConomy as I don't use it much but it is in there as version 4.4 and server log says it loaded just fine. Server log indicates no errors for anything on start. And I've a mess of other plugins but not mySpawn.
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    Astro MacGuffin

    It's in the main server folder, not the plugins folder. The author has stated the folder may be moved to plugins/ but for now it's not.
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    Version 0.8.16
    • Moved configuration file to /plugins/mcMMO
    • Arrows now have a chance to Ignite enemies
    • Fixed arrows not being retrievable from corpses
    • Added info about ignition to /archery
    • mcMMO should be compatible with reloading features from other plugins now
    I'll be adding more information to /<skillname> stuff soon so players will know exactly how their stats are effecting them.
    I've also been working on 0.9, the woodcutting ability is awesome [sheep]
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    If possible, it might be nice to move mcmmo.users into the /plugins/mcMMO folder as well, to keep all mcmmo stuff contained in once location.

    Oh, also, another in-game documentation request from the guy with screwy users (including himself); could you add something like "Clears inv." to the /mcc help text about /myspawn?
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    i need to selectively be able to remove skills, but players with no permissions to a certain skill are still seeing info for that skill.

    specifically, i don't want to use your repair system, ut even without mcmmo.skills.repair they can't access the other repair mod.

    at least make it so we can change the alias for repair. i'd hate to have to remove this plugin.
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    @Eckhart Yeah that sounds like a good idea, I'll move it soon.
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    Having problems. Even though I changed the /whois command to /mmowhois in the properties file, it resets every time I start the server. Very annoying.

    I have tried this several times now, and it only happens with that specific command.
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    Posted this in the WorldGuard thread regarding problems with your plugin - I imagine many people are having problems with this on their servers, hopefully you can provide a fix! Quote from WorldGuard thread:

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    Seems like /mmoedit is somewhat broken.Is there anything you have to do after you type it in?

    /mmoedit IIGoldII Axes 21

    Doesn't work.
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    I'm a huge fan of this plugin, thank you so much for sharing it with us. My guys have been excited about doing things we were perviously bored with since I installed it a few days ago :D

    My only beef is the login message.... it's screwing up our current MOTD. Yours is the only plugin with such a message I've ever kept, which speaks to the awesomeness of it, but still a option to remove that would be really nice! Thanks again for sharing this!
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    @IIGoldII Try lowercase axes, or just try
    /mmoedit axes 20
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    makes "axes" lowercase - I had the same thing happen to me with archery.
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    @LucidLethargy Don't give players the motd permission to disable it
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    quick suggestion for new skills set:

    -armor smithing: increases by crafting METAL armors, lvls increase max durability
    -weapon smithing: increases by crafting weapons (swords, axes, bows), lvls increase max durability
    -tool smithing: increases by crafting tools (shovels, picks, hoes), lvls increase max durability

    Sailor: increases by crafting boats, increases boat speed
    swimming: increased by ... swimming lol, increases swim speed and lung capacity

    Tailor: increased by crafting leather armor and/or sheep : increases amount of wool gained from sheep and/or increases max durability for leather armor
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    While we're throwing out ideas, it'd be nice (for me) if sugarcane harvesting fell under Herbalism with wheat...
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    How do you leave a party chat? Right now I am just creating new parties to leave the old ones.
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    @M1sT3rM4n /party q

    Working on 0.9 some more, it will be quite awesome when its done
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    Don't think it was in the first post tutorial. I looked everywhere lol.
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    Totally excited!
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    Whats a good program besides fraps to record videos of minecraft? I want to show this off :)
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    so to be blunt, the healing modifier right now is way too high for our liking on my server - if you have any extra time please make that either able to be disabled or able to be modified. I love this plugin, but this is a pretty severe alteration to the normal game at it's current rate, and we are looking to simply spice things up, not change the way we play entirely.
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    @LucidLethargy The HP Regen has been disabled for quite a few versions. And you can disable it, just don't give the permission for it.
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    Sandstone doesn't give progress towards the mining skill...I think that it's important now that it's generated naturally.
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    Are you sure? I changed it to give XP recently
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    How do you turn off the mcMMO message on login?
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    Hello Nossr50,

    I have a problem with this plugin and another plugin. if I use the /stats command for the plugin (both plugins have the command) I was kind of hoping that would be a way to change the command in this one from /stats to something like /mmostats as that'd stop the conflicting im getting.

    Hope you can help

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