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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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  2. i have Pail server manager :) i dont know how to use spout lol.

    And i have proplems with remotetoolkit thing alsowhich makes autorestarts, sometimes it wont restart coz it says the server is already running it wont close the server fully-.-
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    I did change to 1.0 and then back nothing happend how can this be fixed?
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    Sir Joe

    This plugin was working fine for two days then the exp bar vanished, but the party system was still there but names are overlapping each other, I updated spout server to dev build to see if that would work and all that did was get rid of all the hud elements, I reverted and the same thing still just party hud no xp hud, the mod it self is still working leveling up etc.
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    Lunar Delta

    Is there any way to get rid of the stupid player icon/health bar thing in the upper left? The presence of it has dropped my frame rate from over 400 to below 70. My players are reporting similar problems. It's so bad for some of them they can barely move.

    Edit: Had to downgrade to 1.1.11. That was ridiculous. There needs to be a way to disable that. *Completely*.
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    if that doesnt work delete current config and let it make a fresh one
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    I have a nice little error that kills all console use.
    When ever I use mcmmo with other plugins, after 20min of use in game I get a EoF error in the console.

    Help ! lol
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    /me magically materializes the error from your console.

    seriously, its like saying my car is broken, to fix it without giving any information to the mechanic.
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    Well I'm pretty hyped for 1.8
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    Wow repair xp gain was really buffed, I'm on 10x global and just went through a chest of unrepaired tools, gained about 100 levels, 1-3 levels per repair. At this rate I'll be able to repair siege tanks with of two peices of sticks and a pack of gum...
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    Been playing 1.8, I see a lot of things that will need to be changed in mcMMO.
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    Yes but, and correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the higher the number for the config the easier it is (should really be added as a comment in the config)
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    @nossr50 Yes i too have a head steaming full of ideas for mcmmo after playing 1.8 on a server with a friend the only real game braking bug atm is the furnace problem the rest are pretty mild.
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    Thats fixed, get the newer 1.8
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    10x global increases the xp required to level by 10, gives a bit more of an continuous persistence feel rather than I've maxed leveled in a month!
    Edit: guess it wasn't just repairs, guess I'll haveta retake a look at the xp mods and up it again.

  17. 1.1.12 have its still

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    does this support bukkit perms?
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    Only works with "*" node for me with bPermissions. What am I doing wrong?
    My permissions
    [prefix.1.[Citizen] , bPermissions.build, commandbook.who, commandbook.motd, commandbook.rules, commandbook.spawn, lwc.protect, commandbook.msg, warp.to.global, warp.to.invited, warp.to.own, warp.create.global, warp.create.public, warp.create.private, warp.world.within.world, warp.world.to.world, mcmmo.regeneration, mcmmo.skills.taming, mcmmo.skills.mining, mcmmo.skills.woodcutting, mcmmo.skills.repair, mcmmo.skills.unarmed, mcmmo.skills.archery, mcmmo.skills.herbalism, mcmmo.skills.excavation, mcmmo.skills.swords, mcmmo.skills.axes, mcmmo.skills.acrobatics, mcmmo.ability.herbalism, mcmmo.ability.excavation, mcmmo.ability.unarmed, mcmmo.ability.mining, mcmmo.ability.axes, mcmmo.ability.swords, mcmmo.ability.woodcutting, mcmmo.commands.ability, mcmmo.commands.myspawn, mcmmo.commands.setmyspawn]
  20. can i get rid of this:
    This server is running mcMMO 1.1.13 type /mcmmo for help. http://mcmmo.wikia.com - mcMMO Wiki

    which comes each time joining the server. Really annoying to see it each time :D and its on my motd's way a little
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            Enabled: true
        Locale: en_us
            Enabled: true
            Enabled: false
    Disable the MOTD setting in the config.
  22. tyvm
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    is there a way to reset the stats?
  24. Delete the stats file or database ? :)
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    1.1.14 is going to be a nice little patch, I'll be doing a content patch for mcMMO shortly after 1.1.14 (Making the mcMMO menu much more robust, adding a lot of user level settings and maybe I'll take a swing at the 'fishing' skill)

    Sorcery may be considered again after I see 1.9
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    Please add
    " p:
    Enabled: true"
    to the config =)

    "/p" conflicts with bPermissions
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    1.8 is officially out.
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    Expect 1.1.14 very soon
  30. Great! Will this update feature all new stuff you had in mind for 1.8? Or is it just like in 1.1.13 but updated to the latest Craftbukkit?

    Oh and I can't tell you this enough: Your plugin is awesome!! :D
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    Its mostly a patch and some things changed to reflect 1.8, there will be a content update soon
    Here's a preview of the changelog
    Show Spoiler

    Version 1.1.14
    [1.8] Removed the bonus damage from Archery (I'll rework this skill soon)
    [1.8] Removed the food bonuses to healing Herbalism provided due to the change of eating in game mechanics
    [1.8] Swords no longer parry, no need to compete with in game mechanics
    [1.8] mcMMO no longer has an HP Regen system, no need to compete with in game mechanics
    [SPOUT] mcMMO now transfers files between [MC Server] -> [Client] rather than [Webserver] -> [Client]
    [SPOUT] Temporarily disabled the PartyHUD due to some performance issues
    [SPOUT/CONFIG] mcMMO now allows for disabling of the party HUD with the node Spout.Party.HUD.Enabled
    [BUG] Fixed a few problems with readying abilities for Woodcutting/Axes
    [MYSQL] Improvements have been made to the performance of MySQL thanks to krinsdeath
    [CONFIG] Spout.Party.HP tree removed, replaced with Spout.Party.HUD
    [CONFIG] Added an option for Excavation to require use of a shovel, on by default
    [COMPATIBILITY] Changed the listener priority for OnEntityDamage from High to Monitor (Should make mcMMO compatible with Worldguards pvp regions among other things)
    [COMPATIBILITY] Made party/admin chat modes more compatible with chat plugins (vChat)
    [API] Added addXpOverride for modders, this will ignore skill modifiers
    [SPOUT] The option to change the weburl of mcMMO Images/Sounds has been removed, if you want to customize mcMMO images/sounds you can open mcMMO.jar and replace them there
    [LOCALE] Portuguese Brazil locale added (Code: pt_br)
    [MISC] Added some experimental usage tracking, you can opt out of this in /plugins/stats/config.yml (Once its generated, may require 2 restarts)
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