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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    could you be more specific aka what plugins you have version of bukkit and idk a server log

    did you put the permission node - mcmmo.party
    in for the group you are trying it out on or no?

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    Everyones' stats on my server keeps resetting :(
    I'm using flatfile, if that helps.
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    are you sure you are stopping the server correctly if so then maybe you have a conflicting plugin
    P.S. im going to sleep now
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    I have the bar and icon disabled but i still see it in game.
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    Are they making parties with ':' in the name? If so tell them to stop until mcMMO updates.

    I'll check this out..
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    Can anyone confirm the Stability of this and Permissions 4 ? The new Permissions
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    If its anything like Permissions 3.1.6 I'd stay away, I highly recommend PermissionsEx to anyone looking for those who don't like superperms.
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    I have the plugin Naturally Spawning Giants, and I've supped up the giants stats to really high levels. to the point it's nearly impossible to take one down single handed in open combat. I also configured them to drop very nice loot so whenever one spawns everyone in the immediate area party ups and to take it down. Truly awesome battles on occasion.

    My point being... Weapon skills don't seem to increase when fighting them... any chance this can be added?
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    PermissionsBukkit works fine if you have SuperPermsBridge and put all mcMMO permissions behind a SuperPermBridge. supernode (yes, 'perm' non-plural, bugs me too...).

    You can do this with a lot of perms 3.0 plugins to make them work with PermissionsBukkit. If any stay a little bitchy its either because
    1. They actually support and are detecting PermissionsBukkit and you should remove the bridge supernode.
    2. Your SuperPermsBridge.jar needs to be opened up and the verson in plugin.yml bumped up for 3.1.5 or so, because 2.0 permissons don't actually seem to bridge correctly and it's reporting itself as 2.7.7 to plugins that adapt between both...
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    You do not need the bridge for mcMMO. :)
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    Still applicable to a lot of plugins though.
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    Agreed but didn't want people to think this needed the bridge.
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    No, I'm using a different party system. I disabled the mcmmo party commands.
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    hello! Awesome plugin!! although our HUD is not working. it shows the XP bar outline but no symbol or Xp meter or whatever. and as far as i saw there is no HP bar on the upper left corner of the screen. do you know what we can do?

    I found out why (i think) it loads for some time when you just logged in, but it then says in the log:
    20:35:27 [SEVERE] Player: ruzco was not properly updated during login!
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    Its a great plugin, however:
    its pretty useless.
    You should make blocks break faster when you level up in mining.
    You get my idea
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    They break insanely fast when you activate super breaker.
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    @nossr50 i was playing today and noticed the ghast's do not grant any exp for the archery skill they should give the most exp out of any mob because that are down right hard to hit.
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    I think skill capes should be added a bit like levelcraft?
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    There is an issue with worldguard pvp deny regions that lets you gain xp without any risks. I made a fix in a fork and posted the issue to github.
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    Me and a few other servers I have contect with are runnin 1060 and we always try and get mcmmo after a new update, but its always crashin our servers, I dont understand why.
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    what is the formula for HP regen and could we have an option to configure it in future versions?
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    I'm getting the answer, but I'm gonna blackmail you for it, choose one:
    1) I can tell you the answer, but you will then go to the wiki and edit this section http://mcmmo.wikia.com/wiki/Experience_Points#Power_Level to include said information.
    2) You can wait until I finish editing every other page with a higher priority until I get to that and I eventually add that info as well.

    What will it be? :p
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    The old formula was very flexible, I had thought it through before suggesting it. The only reason I didn't suggest a config value for the 100, was because I wanted 100xp to be level 1.

    That formula is not correct, it is not the way the code works.

    Please don't assume I need to be taught math.

    Not correct, the most important change, which has ruined the leveling flexibility, is that you have removed the configurable multiplier from the formula and replaced it with a constant (20). This has the effect of going back to the original formula, before the change I suggested.

    It worked very well before, when XP.Formula.Multiplier.* was set to a large number. Quick leveling to begin with, and slower leveling at higher levels. There was nothing random or inadvertant about my suggestion.

    I could have suggested something like:
    XP.Formula.Base + squareroot(CurrentLevel) * CurrentLevel * XP.Formula.Multiplier.Mining * XP.Formula.Multiplier.Global
    Which would make the leveling curve more logaritmic. The reason I didn't, was because the formula is run every time a player gains XP, and the more complicated the formuula, the more load on the server.

    I beg to differ. For one thing Experience.Formula.Multiplier.Mining is used in the XP gain code and not in the XpToLevel formula, as one would expect from the name. It is also not a multiplier anymore, it is a divisor. Before it was very clear, what it was used for, now it's not.
    Also, in regard to mining, excavation, woodcutting and herbalism, I could change the XP gain numbers and didn't need a multiplier. (And still don't)

    That is 1/2 of what I suggested, and would be more elegant than hardcoding the numbers. btw, changing the 1020 wouldn't make it more logaritmic, it would still be linear.

    Please, let me have the opportunity to decide what is best for my server by making the formula adjustable, like this:
    Experience.Formula.Base + CurrentLevel * Experience.Formula.Multiplier.Global
    Or maybe the more logaritmic one I suggested above, unless it is going to lag the server.
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    I had posted a couple pages ago about a problem we're having with MCMMO on our server and never got a response, so here it is again. Archery doesn't level up at all and we don't get any kind of xp bars or anything. All anyone gets in my server is the little drop down notification when you level up a skill. Not sure if this is how it is supposed to be or not? I'm running Craft Bukkit 1060. Somebody plz let me know if there's a fix for this.
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    Here, send me your server IP in a PM, I want to see this.
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    lol damn, sorry. I didn't realize you'd updated the plugin. Everything seems to work just fine now. Thanks so much for responding tho. The whole thing is just pure amazing! My wife and I are especially fond of the level up sound ^_^
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    Does this plugin support PermissionsBukkit?

    If so, I am having a slight issue. I did not include the abilities as permissions nodes, but for some reason we can still use all of the abilities. I even tried adding all of the abilities with a ": false" after them, but no go.

    I am also using the Superperms bridge.
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    Hello, I got a little problem running mcmmo, permissions 3.1.6 and 1060 bukkit. This plugin stopped adding new players, when a new player joins my server he/she cant use mcmmo skills. I tried everything, adding all permission nodes, making person admin. Nothing helped. Maybe any of you have a solution for my problem?
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    Would it be possible for you to have an HP bar above every players head? even if they are not in your party.
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