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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    party bar doesnt disappear even quit the party.

    It always there.
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    Hello. I'm using MCMMO along with the DarkBrotherhood plugin. DB allows you to poison weapons and such. It works for everything but arrows. They fail to apply the poison effect. Without MCMMO the poison works fine. Anything you can think of as a workaround?

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    Step 2-Complete :D Celebrating!
    however i had to remove spout. It caused some end of stream error for everyone
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    First working version of the Retro style HUD for mcMMO, this uses no images and is all drawn by OpenGL.​
    Just need a good way to identify the xpbars by skill, I'm thinking either each skill will fill it with a different color, or having 8-bit style icon for it.​
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    I think adding an icon would be better as its easier to determine the skill based on an icon, over some random color. :)

    Thats just my 2 cents though.
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    I was thinking the same, but you would learn the colors over time.
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    I've learned one thing while being a server (albeit a small one) admin, its that people hate having to learn. They would rather have everything laid out in a simple manner for them.

    EDIT: My XP bars vanished. :O
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    Can't seem to get the GUI working? Do I need to enable something like a command?
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    Try manually updating your Spout.jar, I had to. And make sure mcMMO is above 1.1.03
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    Is http://mcmmo.rycochet.net/mcmmo/ down? as the XP bars do not show up anymore but they did fine last night. :(
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    Seems to be online...
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    mcMMO 1.1.05
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    Hi i was wondering is there any way i can set certain skills to a single player? i want to do this for my rp server but im not exactly sure how thanks:cool:
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    Got it working.
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    mcMMO 1.1.05
    bukkit #1060

    Users when teleporting are some times falling into the void. Reverted back to 1.0.50 the problem went away
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    It seems won't display the XP bars. :(

    Edit: Updating the server-side plugin to build 123 fixed it. :)
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    The bars flash on and off when they update, that normal?
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    Yes, as mentioned there is currently no precaching feature so the bar must download each image when its needed. The Cache also gets reset when the client is closed and reopened.
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    I keep getting a NPE when trying to run any McMMO version post its integration to Spout. I run the old jar 1.0.50 and works fine. This only occurs when running the Spoutcraft Client. I have the most current version of Spout, CB1060 and I have tried using multiple versions of Spout Client including the dev builds, all resulting in a NPE. Any thoughts to this?
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    does the 1.1.01 work with the old cb 1000 and spout 1.0.1?

    if so could some one please send me it or the latest version which work with that. since 1060 and spout 1.0.2 has been giving me serious problems.
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    Nossr, you're plugin is excellent, but Spout and its Dev's treat people with problems like they are whining children. I've had the same experience with them as well.
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    @nossr50 Are there any plans to allow configurable drop rates / drop levels with Excavation? I want to make things like Apples and Diamonds drop at higher levels and at a lower rate for my server, atm if there's something that will mess with our economy the only option we have is to disable that item dropping entirely ):
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    Actually it was running bukkit 1000, and not 1060. Server was supposed to have been auto updated a few days ago, but didn't happen apparently. Issue resolved. Thanks for the help!
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    Retro XP bars for the Retro HUD is complete, now I just need to do the party health bars and code in commands to change the HUD style you are using.​

    This is running on my server @ vminecraft.com if you want to see it in action!​
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    @nossr50 is there a way to make the exp bar not flash. I keep having seizures :(
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    Hes working on it/waiting for spout to update. @nossr50 Any plans on implementing just levels. Not for skills, but just an over all level? You level up by your overall skill level and you can unlock perks like increased resistance to fire, longer breath, increased health or damage resistance ect?
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    Now that's a great idea. It would be best if we could pick and choose what levels they are and if they're on or not.
  29. Hey there. I got two things to say, perhaps both of them are quite stupid :D
    1. The most dumbest question, i know: how do I get this xp-bar on top like on the photo in the first post?
    and secondly one recommodation for you spout support:
    What would you think about a screen if you type in /stats where you can see ALL of your skills with level, xp blah on a nice little overview screen?
    Hope for help and answer
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    Not until precaching for Spout, however the retro style for mcMMO won't flash since it doesn't need to download any images.

    I have thought of making a spinoff plugin where you have stats/perks and it hooks into mcMMO just been so busy working on mcMMO

    1) Run Spout on server and Spoutcraft client
    2) Not a bad idea
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    My suggestion is why not popup the image ontop of the new image and then remove the old image. This way there should be not flashing?

    Might be worth a try.
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