[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Okay, We are having some issues. Updated to 1.0.46 with Bukkit 1000 and bukkitcontrib, crashing like crazy. anytime we use a sword the server times out but no error messages in the log. Any ideas?
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    A sword you say?
    I didn't change anything involving swords... it could be a BukkitContrib bug, I'll look into this on my own server
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    Love all the changes. I was very excited when I saw the awesome BukkitContrib screenshot of mcMMO. However, all I get are the boring chat messages, and not the popup. Is there something wrong with it, or is it just me?
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    Soon I'm slapping in delicious XP bars

    The main reason it would not be working for you is if you do not have the client side BukkitContrib mod installed, you will need that to see any of the BukkitContrib stuff.
    (Of course the server HAS to be running BukkitContrib as well!)
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    @nossr50 Yep, did that. I had to login and logout a few times - apparently BukkitContrib still needed to download and configure stuff. Thanks! :D
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    Does every player have to download the bukkit contrib in order to see the effects? or is auto downloaded?
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    Getting the following error:

    Latest MCMMO and also CB build 1000, any ideas?
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    Players have to have it installed to see any of it, you can force players on your server to use BukkitContrib or get kicked by changing the config for BukkitContrib.

    Here you go!

    Version 1.0.47
    • Fixed another BukkitContrib error for servers not running BukkitContrib

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    They would need to download it themselves.

    There is a link you can give everyone in the BukkitContrib config.
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    Any fix regarding this (the original post was about Serated Strikes being able to kill godmode players...)
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    That should be fixed
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    Notch just revealed that his leveling system will be reset on player death. Any chance we could get an option like this as well. Would love to increase XP gain and have levels be reset on death with this.
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    where do you find this information? i feel so out of the loop :( lol
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    this is the line for the mysql config, can someone tell me what the deal is with the user, name and 2 password entries? ive set my MYSQL name user and password in all entries and i get errors on load.

    Enabled: false
    Address: localhost
    Port: 3306
    Name: minecraft
    TablePrefix: mcmmo_
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    Thanks Nossr50 we can't imagine minecraft without this plugin anymore :D
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    I think it might be a nice idea to spoiler hide all change logs (other then last two) and maybe another spoiler for permission and skill info. The first post takes up about 3/4 the page now O.O
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    Hi, im actually having some trouble with this plugin. nothing to do with functionality at all everything seems to run great ingame and i love the plugin. My server just isnt saving the leveling information. You level up a skill a little but when you log out and log back in the information is just gone. any help you could give me would me greatly appereciated. and im using the flatfile system not MySQL far too lazy for that.
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    Make sure your file permissions are set correctly. Seems to only save the information into memory not to the hard drive.

    Had something similar to this happen a wile ago with another plugin.
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    Ello again. Updated, now level up messages are displaying correctly.

    On a related note, I see the screenshot has a graphical update screen. Is that the "bukkitcontrib" everyone's talking about? Is it worth nabbing?
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    Is it possible to disable mcmmo on a specific world if you have multiple worlds?
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    if you're using permissions, just don't give them permissions for skills or abilities in the other worlds you don't want them to have those perms. otherwise idk if there is or not (i'm inclined to say no)
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    If you would like extra features, sounds, and future items/blocks then yes.

    There is also a thread that list plugins that support BukkitContrib
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    Tried removing bukkitcontrib and still have the instant death using a sword. Without Mcmmo installed and bukkitcontrib installed no crash. I am at a loss. Still no type of errormessage in the log
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    Well doh, of course thats how it would be done. Makes perfect sense. Brain fail on my part

    Thanks :D
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    It adds bonus content to mcMMO that is purely visual/sounds, and is optional. And it is a result of BukkitContrib and it is awesome.

    Instant death using a sword?... describe in more detail
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    i get a black screen when i lvl?
    and yes i have everything installed...
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    Sounds like a potential bug with BukkitContrib, go report it in their thread
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    Theres a little bit of text in the blue bars surrounding the first post that say Collapse first post. Click it.
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    Well I mean the server times out everytime someone attempts to hit a mob ith a sword. Not even a flash when the mob is hit. Everything just stops.
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    Just tried it, nothing unusual happens. I hope you're happy because no there's a few less cows in the world.
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