[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Nope. (I placed 2 ironore, and get 2 iron ore back)
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    Okay, so We are still not getting any exp for pumpkin as of 1.0.36 anyone else confirm this for me please?
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    /mcgod is working again for me in this version. ill try to test out pumpkins later for you groovynatureguy...i had forgotten about that one when i just ran a quick test.
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    Bukkit Permissions question... I was told by SpaceManiac that you guys are enabling permissions by default with the new bukkit permissions. I would like to request that you go back to having permissions be disabled by default. It gives admins more/better control over their permissions. Let me elaborate... If permissions are disabled by default, then I can just give an individual world or player the MCMMO permission. If they are enabled by default, then I have to disable them all globally and then enable them for the world that I want them on. This creates more work for admins, and inflates the size of our permissions database. It also goes against current standards.
    If I have been misinformed, and permissions are not actually enabled by default, please let me know.
    Otherwise, great plugin.
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    It should not be enabled by default, get back to me and if it is I'll change the code.

    I'll look into this...

    Thats good :)

    It's not happening on my own server

    Read my last post here http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/rp...-multi-lingual-1000.3505/page-165#post-485911

    I'll checkout the bread bug, elaborate further on the party bug.
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    I downgraded my permissions to 3.1.5 like you had suggested, but it seems McMMO is still causing Read Time Outs. Which confuses me, because there have been others that said the downgrading worked. Could it be a permissions 3x problem in general ? Or would it more likely be unstable with a reasonably large amount of people online. Because if it just myself on the server, It won't time out, however, when i have 60+ people online, the read time outs are almost instantaneous.
  8. Thanks for 1.0.36!

    Any word on Tree feller? Would be good to know it's noted at least as a bug, or if it works correctly for you ;)
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    Ah, thought I replied but I guess I did not. I tested it on my server and it seemed to be behaving correctly. I think the Tree Feller bug you are experiencing may be the result of a block protection plugin interfering.

    It could be your server hardware is not up to par with that many people. What kind of specs are we talking and are you running FFS or MySQL? I would not completely rule out permissions however, try using another Permissions plugin like PEX or Bukkit's built in system.
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    Hi, my players have found a bug. If Player1 in party (test), and the other party will Player2 (test) are summarized, and Player2 can fly to it (/ptp) and kill him. So do our players...
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    Hi - glad you fixed /mcgod so that is working - thanks for that. The problem is that it is still bugged. Serrated Strikes can still kill kill those people who have god mode on (/god or /mcgod). All they need to do is attack a mob near the GOD'd player, and the AoE of Serrated Strikes will kill them

    This needs fixing URGENTLY as griefers can use this bug to kill admin.
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    The invite command just does not seem to work. I have it enabled in the config but no one on my server can invite.
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    3.1.15 Permissions is working 100% with mcMMO, Ive been running my server for 2 days now now Read Timed Out's. When I goto 3.1.16 it happens in 20 minutes.

    Id suggest Essentials GroupManager
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    Ah, thanks for the bug report. I'll see to getting it fixed.
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    I can't figure out how to use the /mmoedit command, could you by any chance help (i am Host on my server so i should be able to do it).
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    In general, such a situation. On the server, the user plays under the nickname (pomo4ka), he created a party (ololo), and plays on the server for user nickname (pomo4ka22), he also created a party (ololo). The error is that the party unites, and the player (pomo4ka) and (pomo4ka22) will be in a party (ololo), although they did not invite each other. As a result, on my server, so players who kill the newcomers.
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    As long as your character has the permissions via OP or anything its a simple /mmoedit *name* *skill* *value*
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    I have verfied that after removing all MCMMO references from BukkitPermissions that MCMMO abilities/skills continue to work. I spent a good bit of time last night working with SpaceManiac on different issues with BukkitPermissions and he was the one that figured this out. I went ahead, just for giggles and tried it again today, and the result was the same.
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    I'm working on putting in all sorts of neat stuff (Thanks to BukkitContrib)​
    This is going to be cool [sheep]
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    Cool Indeed =)
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    - mcmmo.ability.axes
    doesnt work.. i try many time but i am not able to disable Exp gain but enalble all passive and active skill!

    some advice?

    if i use mcmmo.skills.* exp incresed
    if i use -mcmmo.skills.*
    and mcmmo.anility.* players dont gain exp correctly but axes skill dont work!
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    well i type like this /mmoedit Thafrayer axes 100
    my name is Thafrayer but it doesnt say anything when i do this command do i need to reinstall the mod ? ?
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    While cool from what I've read BukkitContrib requires a client plugin to work yes? If so hopefully we can turn off that portion of it. There's only two players on our server that actually mods their client and the rest of them wouldn't want to keep up with a client mod.
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    it's going to be completely optional ;D
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    Now that's what I'm talking about nossr50. Can't wait to see what else you add in, maybe a real anvil. ;)
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    Definitely a possibility, going to put out a small update of BukkitContrib stuff before I do anything over the top.
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    Can't wait to see what you've done with it, and I'm sure you've got many more ideas for this.
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    Pop-ups on levelup
    Added some sound effects to abilities as well (which turned out 100% more awesome)

    In fact you can just swing by my server to see the dev build live
    IP: vminecraft.com

    You may experience drops in connection as I am running comcrap
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    Hey after a recent update to the latest version of mcmmo and cb 1000

    Everyone seems to be getting mining experience while hitting a spider or cutting wood.
    Does that have to do with global xp ?
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    Nice I'll check it out in a few. I'm used to being dropped off my own, hasn't happened to much recently, but it's what I get when using 4G for my internet.
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    A teaser of what we can expect in 10.0.37!

    • Pop-ups on levelup
    • New sound effects for: Treefeller, Berserk, SuperBreaker, GigaDrill, Leafblower, Infernal Pick
    • New mining subskill: Infernal Pick. Ability to randomly auto smelt ores at level 250 and have blocks pop out early at level 250. At level 500 the chance a early block will pop out is 3% and at 250 it's 1%.
    • At certain levels the picture in your pop-up on level will change indicating you have moved up a tier in that skill.
    • Bug Fixes
    New sounds and pop-ups on level require bukkitcontrib! It's completely optional and if you don't have it you'll still see the normal message that says you've leveled up. Others players can still play on your server even if they don't have it installed. More to come!
    • Maybe a rewrite of the party system and shareable exp for party members close to you!
    • Maybe a rewrite of excavation to make GigaDrill faster!
    • Custom sounds on level up!
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