[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Version 1.0.15
    • Removed leftover code that spammed SQL errors
    Hotfix for reported MySQL spam, just an fyi I had to ninja into my dads at 1:30 AM and use the internet to publish this. (Still in a no internet situation lol)

  3. Hah I know the feeling, but that was fast work, ty!
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    Hey :) Nice Plug-in !!!
    But can you make a file where i can make a german language.yml
    Sky from Germany
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    Hm, I'm using 1.0.15 and when a chat command comes up, that should be "YOU READY YOUR AXE", I get a chat message that's something like this: "!Skills.ReadyAxe". Can someone help me? I may have installed it wrong or something but I'm going nuts here, been trying for some hours, installed permissions and Bukkit.
    But I still can't get it to work! =/

    EDIT: I'm using CB 818 too
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    @Gredenvall many bug reports are coming in very similar to yours, I think it has something to do with the localization files failing to load properly. I'll be working on it soon.
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    *Feature Request*
    When /stats is used, hide the stats the user doesn't have permission for
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    @nossr50 Okay, thanks mate. Keep up your good work, it's not unappreciated!
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    Supported Languages
    English - en_US : Finnish - fi : German - (Coming Soon!) : Dutch - (Coming Soon!)​
    (Setup the locale= in mcmmo.properties to use other languages)
    ou thats nice :)
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    Alright guys, I've narrowed down the cause of the bug where localization files weren't being loaded correctly for some users. There's 2 solutions I've found on google, and this is one of them.

    This is a WIP build of mcMMO, tell me if it fixes the problem. If not I have a backup plan.
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18212134/mcMMO test builds/mcMMO.jar
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    I deleted essentials plugin from my server, now McMMO and several other plugins I have work... so that solves THAT problem lol
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    Version of mcMMO:1.0.15 Version of CB:818 Plugins used on your server:CB uptodate,heroic death, ichat, lightvote, LWC, Permissions, PLG coldlightning,
    PLG essentials_op, PLGsetspawn_op, Quick Strasse, RaveBlox, Vanishnopickup, McMMO

    Using Flat File System or MySQL: No clue, how do i check Instructions on how to replicate reported bug: type any command to do with mcmmo How frequently the bug happens: everytime. Does this effect all users or only a few: im pretty sure everyone List any custom server software besides bukkit N/A

    Dont know how to upload a pic, but I get an error when typing any command (in the minecraft textbox)
    When a player joins:
    When a player types /stats:
    And other ones, but im too lazy to type them >.<
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    ZeroWing, a post or two above I provide a WIP of mcMMO, try that version out and report back.
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    hi nossr
    is the myrespawn thing multiworld compatible?

    if I right-click a bed in world1, die, I respawn at the bed
    if I do the same in world2, when I respawn I respawn at world2's default respawn point
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    I can confirm that this is working without a problem (atleast for me).
    I had the !mcListener etc bug before, but with that build it works perfectly ;)
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    Same here. One question, How do I edit Message of the day?
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    Works now thank you ;D Doesn't come up with message when log in or when upgrade skill!
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    Alright good to hear the WIP worked, I'll be putting out 1.0.16 soon

    Version 1.0.16
    • Fixed bug where localization file failed to load
    • Changed en_US to lowercase
    • mcMMO now requires locale files to be in lowercase
    • Fixed a few strings missing from the localization file
    This has a few more fixes than the WIP, anyone having problems with mcMMO text not displaying should grab this version ASAP.

    Let me know if there are any issues still.

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    so, i have to put ANOTHER plugin to fix this ones problem!? im not trying to be rude but, why?
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    I am using the permission
            default: false
                prefix: '&6'
                suffix: '&e'
                build: true
                 - 'mcmmo.skills.taming'
                 - 'mcmmo.skills.archery'
    however, I'm still able to train Acrobatics.
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    i still had performance issues with mcmmo, and a server hosted at the biggest german minecraft hoster nitrado.net
    hope more performance updates will come
    my users and i love this plugin
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    Sorry if this has already been in the thread, but can I change the drops people receive from excavation? For example, I want to add fire to the drop table for gravel so people can make chainmail. Anyone want to show me how to do this?
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    I can understand what you said before about them being annoying and all that but I personally don't think it is a problem that you can't kill your pets. If you were able to, you might accidentally kill them while trying to train your taming and need to find another wolf.
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    yeees, but is also annoying to try to punish them and not being able to touch them :) jajajajaja its like if peta's there all the time
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    You can make them sit in a corner and just forget about them. :)
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    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I can't seem to get it to work properly. When I try to use an ability it still wants to use pickaxe even though I try to use other tools. I am trying to upgrade from 1.0.9 and never had problems.

    EDIT: Nevermind the problem was with new version of logblock that messed it up.
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    Ok, I deleted my old post because I thought I figured it out, but something weird is still happening with the /myspawn command.

    After some time being unable to use the myspawn command, I tried re-setting my spawn point by using one of my beds again. A few minutes later, I was able to /myspawn back to it. I instructed one of my users to do the same and it worked. Thinking that I had solved the problem, I deleted my original post.

    Well, looks like I was wrong. Apparently I am able to use myspawn once before it sends me the console error again.

    I'm using a flat file.

    Edit: Nobody else is having this problem? Myspawn worked perfectly for me up to one of the recent versions and suddenly broke. I can't be the only one. I haven't changed anything in permissions or anything else.
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    I'll make it so you can hurt your wolves next update.
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    Our stats keep resetting, like every time we log out.
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    Edit: Fixed
  31. How do i change the max skill limit? Its 20,000 at the moment; how do i set it to 1,000?
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