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    Hi there I found a cool mod from watching the yogscast about there new yogbox update and I saw a cool mod they had it was called SINGLE PLAYER RPG MOD.

    I found out many lvling mods from many developers but they were all chat log types.
    So I was wondering if its possible to get a screen tracking lvl mod.

    Heres link to the mod...
    Heres link to yogscast video about the yogbox with the mod...
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    mySQL + mcMMO
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    Ok Ill check it out Im testing mcmmo right now. But I cant seem to get the screen picture to show up...
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    Just delete McMMO now, and use Heroes. It's a little tough to configure, but it's worth it in the end. Everyone that joins my server loves it.
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    Ok mcmmo didnt work out for me :\
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    I agree, I hardly like mcMMO either, I use xLevel. I chose that cause it best fit the criteria for that mod
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    Just for the record you all could go light a fire under the dev of mcMMO to make it better? All talk right now, but go and tell him your concerns!
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    mcMMO and Heroes are fundamentally different in our approach to RPG mechanics, mcMMO takes an elder scrolls approach to character progression and Heroes takes a more traditional class system approach.

    I go out of my way not to restrict players in mcMMO and build upon the core game, in Heroes and Levelcraft you have item restrictions that basically make it so you need to level to use items in vanilla MC, mcMMO does not work like this on purpose.

    They are both entirely different approaches, and of course I like my own approach better :)

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