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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Kainzo, Feb 26, 2011.

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    I plan on installing this plugin, but I know some plugin developers as of recent who might work on adding plugins that change/add to the functionality of Heroes on a server... Here is one idea I had...

    As you know, people take the easy route often, even if it's less fun. Why roam the countryside looking for monsters when you could be in a mob grinder for hours? Well, this would be where a plugin called "Antigrind" comes in... I imagine it would have a functionality like so:

    @AntiGrind... some thoughts about antigrind I came up with...
    Most mmo companies aren't willing to have complicated variables for xp so it seems they focus on mob placement and allowing those mobs to only get damaged if they can damage the player and keeping the xp understandable by new players... I would take a different approach for minecraft...

    Basically, I would focus on making it so people can't stay in one place and kill quickly... It could work like this and it would only have to keep track of the mob kills in a chunk by what player for maybe 10 minutes. Maybe it would be better to base this data on the player than the chunk.

    Once a mob is killed in a chunk, it adds to a counter for that player/chunk... as soon as the counter gets to 5 (configurable) that chunk no longer gives xp and the player is told to move on... the chunk then would no longer give xp to that player for 10 minutes (configurable)...also the adjacent chunks (3x3 cuboid) would also not give xp. That way, let's say someone sets up a spawner... they can in a small size spawner only get 5 kills every 10 minutes... That makes it near impossible to grind and just stand in one location.
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    Working on fleshing out the effects system while we wait for an RB. Hopefully the RB waits until we're done :).
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    Wow, looks amazing. I'm going to completely redo my server with this system as soon as it's available.
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    AWESOME!!!! You had Dinnerbone and EvilSeph in there XD
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    Heroes is deep seated :p

    Want an early start on configuring your server? - Here's the base configs! Start prepping!
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    Is there documentation on how to modify the map item image, or are you guys keeping that proprietary for now?
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    Note that the configs Kainzo has uploaded are subject to change between now and release.
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    Yep - these configs can still change depending on whats going on - but the format will stay mostly the same.

    Also, please note we will provide VERY limited support with config errors/etc - you are on your own - this is an advanced plugin, our dev team will not waste time on yml errors/misconfigs.
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    Thank You Herocraft Team :)
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    I'll just ask you bit by bit in game :p
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    Kainzzooo/other coders, reelleaasseee!!!
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    So, will my idea be implemented, or would I have to wait for the release and try to find a developer to make it a reality? I messaged you days ago and have yet to get a response. It would save your server from having to have the rule against grinding in mob traps... I would think the whole point of the plugin is to walk around killing mobs instead of standing in a mob trap killing them with no danger; and this idea if it were implemented would make that a reality to a large extent. I think it would be critical to your plugin to have it and at least warrants you acknowledging I messaged you with the idea.
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    We're nearing a release within any day (or hour) when the next RB is out. Such a drastic change isnt something we just want to 'throw' in.
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    Fair enough. Thank you for the update... with a plugin like heroes that would add to my server in such a wonderful way I just really want it to succeed and bring me closer to making the gameplay of my dreams. Also, I love to think of new ideas for plugins; it helps to fight against burnout.
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    Zombie: 10
    Zombie: 20
    Stone: 10
    Redstone: 5
    Air: 1
    Iron_Block: 20
    Diamond_sword: 10
    Fall: 10
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    At least let us finish the damn system first :p

    If you can guess what the above config does, kudo's
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    Um... damage modifier? :p
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    We're coding bunnies and horses, silly.
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    It was late - I dont remember pasting that..
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    lol XD
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    Just so you all know, a new CraftBukkit Recommended Build (#1000) has come out!
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  26. I am here for your children!
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    Indeed I'm excited :D (Made a thread as soon as it came out XD )
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    We're gonna be drawing up all of the release things now (E.g. post, default configs and such)
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    Hurry hurry hurry XD
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    Guys give them time, if I would read such "hurry" posts I'll just chill and get a smoke or something. It's done when it's done! ;)
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