[RPG] Heroes - 7/21 [1K]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Kainzo, Feb 26, 2011.

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    (Tears of joy)
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    cant wait guys have been waiting for a plugin like this for my server WOO HOO!
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    omg you guys have been working on this server for months? man I hope..no...i KNOW it will work, cant wait to implement it into my server :D
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    The plugin has been internally released. On and off work for a few months for sure.
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    So Sunday? Or is it getting pushed back? (Hope not XD)
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    We're waiting for an RB
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    Ah ok makes sense :D what are you guys looking for in the next RB?
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    I think that's ONLY what they're looking for...a RB.
    So their plugin will be stable on 1.7.3 from the start.
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    kk :) Can't wait for next RB then XD
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    cool rollo on next RB :) (bukkit relase RB asap :) )
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    Revamping of parties = done.
    Exp Sharing is now configurable
    PVP OFF works perfectly within parties
    Skills can now be used as party only (ports / teleports / summons / heals)
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    HOW do i download this plugin. because i realy want that plugin to be on my RPG server :)
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    Wait for the next RB.
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    ok i will :) hope there will be download link :D coz this plugin looks awesome
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    I can see that some of the classes combine some "other plugins" such as for example craftbook, the crafter -> Mason profession's

    Could you compose a list of what plugin's we don't need or plugin's that would directly affect Heroes? (Or what plugin is NOT recommended / recommended, to prevent issues.. because seems to me Heroes' is a one stop all you need MMO.

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    Honestly - it's such an advanced platform - you can use any plugin you want. We have tied in several "Rpg" style plugins...
    Craft/Falsebook is needed for the more advanced applications if you want a non-combat style class system.
    AutoRepair compliments a "Smith" style class - we have yet to produce our own 'repair' style skills (future release plan)
    LWC / locking mechanisms is something you'll need to find.

    Despite us not producing any of the above - ALL can be used seamless in Heroes. Permission-skills allow the users to be able add those nodes to certain levels for their players to obtain.

    Mock up's of the signature stuff...

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    Those look amazing.
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    I will enjoy using this Kain :S
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    S'what we're aiming for. People to enjoy it.

    Besides, I thought you got your friend to compile it for you
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    buwahah :p
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    Damn, who's the gfx artist haha.
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    @Xanipher <3
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    Yep - miss Xanipher is a good damn artist - she also takes jobs for sigs/banners (But shes not cheap!)
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    pfft, hate to dog xani but Amgroma is better in sigs and other things

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    Still waitin' on an RB
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    :/ wish Bukkit would hurry up :p any idea on when the next RB will be out? They are up to #992 >.>
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    Hopefully sometime today :).

    Don't expect it to be released as soon as an RB is out btw, there's some last minute things I want to add & touch up.
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    Ok awesome can't wait for this ^^
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