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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Kainzo, Feb 26, 2011.

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    Cool. I was playing for maybe an hour and I built a shelter and everything. After the first night my game started screwing up on the server. If I tried to place a block it would disappear from the world and my inventory and would reappear in my inventory a couple minutes later. I don't know if it's a plugin or whatnot but it's bothersome. Also my own door wouldn't open for me at one point and I had to break into my house through the side, which then it wouldn't let me fill the gap back up with wood so I ended up having to fill it with dirt.
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    i want this, as soon as possible please:D :D :D
    no really, this is great, i especially love the permission-based skills. now all we need is a permission node for every single ability in every plugin :D

    if the whole configuration abilities are that good, this will be the uber-awesomest plugin ever made

    btw, how does this crafting class work? does everyone have a combat class and the crafting class in which he can decide which direction he wants to go?
    cause, well, how is crafting fun if you could as well go hunting monsters with friends?
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    Yep - this will be the most customizable RPG plugin ever made.
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    i am loving the dragoon jumping ability, the only thing is it seems more like a thief thing so you can jump over walls and onto peoples roofs to get into their house. when is the skill chart going to get updated?
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    Any word on how much longer we have to wait? I'd be helping beta test however I'm revamping my whole server right now.
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    The Design doc has changed quite a bit - I'll try and give some time to updating it soon.

    HC Coding will have our internal release of Heroes on May 31st on the Herocraft Server.

    After which we will assess the stability and see if its ready to launch - we will give an ETA on Public Launch shortly there after.
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    Am I stupid if I can't find a download link? Is this still in testphase and only runs on the herocraft.zepto.org:1337 server?

    *EDIT: lol scratch that. I am stupid
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    yep :p
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    This look awesome!
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    Thanks - its still in testing - expect release to be soonish!
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    Testing AND development - At the rate we need to code at to finish this, you're murdering us.
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    Damn right!
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    On vacation at the moment - but still pushing things out as planned. It looks like 1.6 is coming in on Weds/Thurs - so that may have... adverse effects :p
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    Still working out kinks for the inventory restrictions.
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    Heroes Public Release will be sooner than expected - if things go well with the inventory hooks!
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    Saul R.W

    great. I logged in to check it out and it was fantastic. sadly I never found the ingredient to make paper then books to cast spells.
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    You can cast spells without Books - depending on which Path you have selected
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    Saul R.W


    for bandages I needed paper and for the other spells a book. I was wondering. Would casting spell destroy the book? or are you working on having books with durability, just like how weapons have durability.
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    Currently you can bind any Permitted-skills to any item - not just a book - however, the skills that dont use /skill - will use whatever the plugin demands it use - in this case - it would be AetaPriest, which uses the Book
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    Saul R.W

    ok nice knowing that. Im really hyped for this plugin. Its just that minecraft without this rpg element is not enough for me now.
    One taste of rpg classes was enough for me.
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    We're introducing 10+ new skills - spread across the various classes for our test. The internal release is closing in and the public release is very soon!
    Some of the newer skills will need fine tuning - expect some love on the Necros / Healers.
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    Trucido Mortis

    I can't wait to get my hands on this plugin! My players are all stoked about it, And quite a few of us have tried it on your Beta server!
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    Saul R.W

    Man after this plugin is done I expect you and your team to start a more hardcore plugin. One in the scope of Blackmodule Suit or a Total Conversion of Minecraft multiplayer. Its very limiting having an rpg system when you dont have many armor, weapons, and mob types.
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    Those would require clientmods. We were talking about a client mod for it. For manabar and such.
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    Saul R.W

    That would be great.

    New Health bar------------------------------Armor bar
    New Mana bar-------------------------------Weapon durability or Exp bar
    action bar------action bar-------action bar-------action bar

    Is that how you guys are planning it?
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    Due to the overwhelming issues in 1.6 and bug fixes coming in, within the next few days, we are sad to announce that we will be delaying Heroes (RPG) for another 1-2 weeks. 1.6.6 will be released as the final fix for 1.6 and when Bukkit updates a Recommended Build - we will release Heroes internally. Very shortly afterwards - we will public release and this thread will be moved to the Released Plugins.

    Thank you for understanding and we hope to show you the awesome of Heroes soon!

    Updated several skills.

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    awesome! finally a good plugin. i have tried many others but this one looks just...
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    Glad you think so ;) we're gearing up for a release soon!
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    you should combined Heroes with Citizens!
    you should make it so that in order to choose a class, you have to fulfill a quest at a NPC. and that every class has its own master!
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