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  1. View attachment 14437 NirvaEx is a plugin which the player can choose between nine classes (Warrior, Druid, Archer, Priest, Vampire, Wizard, Necromancer, Butcher and Assassin). Each class use specifics skills. This plugin is often use for the PvP.

    Class's name can be changed, skill's name too. Compatible with PermissionEx, GroupManager, and WorldGuard (skill doesn't work if the player is in NoPvP zone). This plugin is in English or in French.


    To change your class: nirva.change.class
    To delete your class: nirva.delete.class
    To have a stuff: nirva.have.stuff

    To become a Warrior: nirva.class.one
    To become an Archer: nirva.class.two
    To become a Priest: nirva.class.three
    To become a Wizard: nirva.class.four
    To become a Vampire: nirva.class.five
    To become a Necromancer: nirva.class.six
    To become a Druid: nirva.class.seven
    To become a Butcher: nirva.class.eight
    To become an Assassin: nirva.class.nine

    Player's commands

    /n ou /nhelp : To display the help.
    /nstuff: To give a slimeball and the class's item to the player.
    /nlanguage <english|french> : To select your language.
    /nclass <name of the class|deleted> : To choice or delete your class.
    /nlevel : To know your class and your level.

    Console's commands

    nchat <true|false> : To active or not the display of the class in the chat.
    nlanguage <english|french> : To select the language by default of the plugin.
    nplayer <player> <name of the class|deleted> : To choice or delete the player's class.

    Warning : uppercase and lowercase for the player's name !


    Each class have an item to use his skills :

    Warrior : Sword
    Archer : Bow
    Wizard : Paper
    Priest : Rose
    Vampire : Hoe
    Necromancer : Flint
    Druid : Flower
    Butcher : Axe
    Assassin : Sword

    The cool-down between the use of two skills, is 20 seconds at level 0 and 5 seconds at level 15. To change your skill, just do a Right click with a Slimeball .

    There are three kinds of skills :
    [ATK] : Effect when a player was hit by a class's item.
    [DEF] : Effect on the player, need a Left click with the class's item on the hand.
    [ZON] : Zone effect around the player, need a Left click with the class's item on the hand.

    Download this plugin: Here.
    NirvaEx and his skills in details : Here.

    Fran├žais Description
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    Omg i tested this plugin, it is amazing, but can i ask you to put on configuration the diferent abilities reload time, so we can decide it?, also that you have to have your ability loaded before changing it, and lastly, the archers reload time doesnt get a message. Thanks!!!
  3. It's very interesting what you say =). I don't know how put on configuration the diferent abilities reload time, I'm looking for to do it. But for this moment, I can change the diferent abilities reload time if you want. I don't know very well if the reload time will depend on the level or will depend on the ability =/. Otherwise, have you any cooldown to suggest ?
    Ps: Sorry if I speak bad english, I'm french ^^
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    Very nice.

    Well done bro :) Just tried it and looks like Imma keep it!

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  5. New version 1.7 coming soon online !
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    Great! Cant wait!
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    Using this for my server now! Keep the good work up, please keep me posted on new releases, and if you don't already could you add it so we can create our own classes :)
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  8. Cool =), when the new Bukkit will be in Recommanded, I will post a new and maybe the last release ^^, I will give my code source, then if you want to modif it for your server =)
  9. = D it is updated to the 1.4.5 available soon! (the time that my plugin is enabled)
    -Necro-Class with 3 new capabilities + Sacrifice
    -The Vampire Sacrifice no longer but instead Beings Nocturnes
    -In addition, the ability Bat has been changed ;)
    -Code source available
    -Good game = D

    Ps: I'll put a little time before I update the description ^ ^
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    How can people on my server leave a class. this is causing many disputes):
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    Awesome plugin, definitely will try it out!
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    Everything works fine,
    Only problem is when i type /nclass wizard it gives me Vampire, when i try Fighter it gives me druid, so on, it very hard to get to the class you want because what you write down as a class name doesnt get recognised as the class that actually whears the name.. Confusing!
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    Make sure you didn't rename the classes and have two of the classes as the same name.
  14. Thanks, I didn't see this problem ^^". With the NirvaEx 2.3, there will be no problem ;)
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    Hey, can you edit things in the config? Such as new classes, different skills, or skill names? I really don't prefer Heroes, and this plugin got me really excited. Please, is that possible? Sit vous plait?

    Also, can you make it so that, players can bind skills to items? It would be more fun than just having them hunt for slimes. And maybe classs prefixes, like [Wizard] before their names. And is there kits for the classes?

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    Permissions are FUBAR. With GroupManager a player having nirva.class.eight typing /nclass Butcher is given the result:

  17. Actually, permissions have no effect = s (I was wrong in the code ^ ^'') I post a new version soon for the bug fix ^^'
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    when i try to select my class it keeps giving me a warning help

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