[RPG/Fun] Infected v2.1.1 - Must have for RPG-lovers [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by manniL, Mar 3, 2012.

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    :O nice, thx
  3. No problem :D
  4. # RB0.1 Ready!
  5. Please give me a feedback, suggestions or anything :p
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    hmm.. maybe poison effect? possible to make ? ;)
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  7. I'll implement it :)
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  9. Uhm, nope :D
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    Then make it only for spider =d

    You see poison from.. hmm.. wolf? :D
  11. xD

    I think a wolf doesn't show you an effect xD

    I'll take a look and make an option for it In the config, but not yet :D

    #Works for 1.1 RB7

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  13. New Version out now!
  14. 0.1 = 10% chance?
  15. The Chance-Values are revamped.

    Now use 10 for 10% :)
  16. ohh so now i have 0.1% chance.. LOL :D
    10% should be "ok" chance? ;E i dont want the mobs be 2 hard ^^
  17. 10% is definitly okey :D

    My suggestion is to set it to ~25 and set Spider Only Poison to true :) So only spiders give you poison :D
  18. wait how. This what i have in config:

    PercentChance: 25
    DurationBlind: 10
    DurationSlow: 10
    DurationNausea: 10
    DurationHungry: 10
    DurationPoison: 10
  19. Do you have the newest version?
    I've added a new node today :D
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    Hey! Great plugin, really adds to the RPG feel and makes these mobs much more feared, and realistic.

    However, I strongly recommend you make it more configurable; the current config is alright, but you need to make the plugin a lot more flexible. For instance, make a list so we can decide WHICH mobs can cause these effects. Also, you could make it so rather than the 5 basic effects, you let us make our own effects using the potion effects. We could edit duration and strength, this would make the plugin even MORE flexible!
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    I would like to configure what mobs do what effects to you too! I.e Slimes could confuse you, zombies would slow you. Could make for some interesting hard-mode setups
  22. Im working on it :D

    Thanks for the suggestions ;)

    It's done!

    I've rewritten the plugin to make it highly configurable! Look at the BukkitDev-Page to donwload the beta of 1.5!

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  23. oh right this works only into spiders?
    make configurable for ALL MOBS
    so u could decide what % chance skeletons arrow has to SLOW you , Consufe you & lets say blind you. Leaving the poison & hunger away.
    Though ive loved this plugin already :) its awesome add for my rpg survival
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    Wow thanks man talk about a quick response :D
  25. Since the 1.5b (Beta) it's possible for all mobs :DD

    No problem mate ;)
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    Hmm maybe in a future update you could integrate this plugin with Spout? For instance, when we're hit by the mobs it could pop up on a GUI "You've been infected!" or something. There could even be custom items which could get rid of infections which maybe last forever unless cured?

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