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    Name: Group Loot

    Desc: Theres this plugin called GroupDrops (You can see this here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/groupdrops/) It sparked an Idea since theres this game I play called DC Universe and theres an item drop system where you have a random chance to find items, and when you're in groups The item has to be claimed through a certain method in which most will be randomly chanced and others quite overpowered. However the thing in entirety would be an interesting system to see in minecraft, and would like to see how it turns out since this could be quite popular due to it's uniqueness.

    What this will do: You as the developer are probably going to have to integrate a party system where players can group up and use party chat, either try and make it work with others, implement it into another, or try to make one yourself.
    There are 3 methods for group loot:

    MasterLooter: The Overpowered one, Go to your loot menu and pick the item you want and you are guranteed to have it unless another master looter is there, In that case you both roll (Out of 100) and whoever rolls the highest gets the loot. You can also choose to force it to give it to someone else of your choice, this may be to help out the poor or to troll the rich by forcing crap items upon them.

    Need before Greed: The most commonly used one, The group loot is displayed and you must choose one of three actions, You can pass giving someone else a chance, You can choose Need, which will roll a low number (Below 50), and you can choose greed, which you place a bet that you're going to win the loot, and you'll roll a high number (Over 50) (Both out of 100) Whoever rolls the lowest in Need goes to the next round and whoever rolls the highest in greed goes to the next round, In the next round, It checks the numbers of the previous roll, and checks the absolute value of how many numbers away the number is from their base (Base for Need is 0 and Base for Greed is 100)

    I know that was alot above so here is an example, I'm in a party of 4 and everybody is Need before Greed, I choose Need, and get an 8. Jack chooses Need and gets 13. Joe chooses Greed and gets an 83 and automatically throws in the default bet ($100) Jordan chooses greed and rolls a 74 and throws in $100
    Me Need, 8
    Jack Need 13
    Joe Greed 83 ($100 subtracted)
    Jordan Greed 74 ($100 subtracted)
    Pot: $200 and the loot.

    Me Goes to next round with need
    Jack (Eliminated because I rolled lower than him) [Was Need]
    Joe Goes to next round with Greed
    Jordan (Eliminated because Joe rolled higher than him) [Was Greed]

    I have an 8 and Joe has an 83,
    100 - 83 = 17
    8 - 0 = 8

    Since the difference of my number is closer to zero than his, I win and take the pot of $200 and the Random Item.

    Group Loot: Makes a vote to take turns with loot entirely disregarding the value of the loot.
    Group wheel from first to last (In Order of the time the person joined the group), Me --> Jack --> Joe --> Jordan
    Group finds a diamond, goes to me.
    Group finds iron block, goes to Jack
    Group finds an Emerald, goes to Joe
    Group finds a wooden plank, goes to Jordan.
    and the wheel cycles and repeats.

    If the player is without a party none of this takes place and the item is automatically given to him/her.

    This is almost like auctioning except it's more gambling and chance and the items are random.

    This may seem like a big request for you low level readers out there but really It's quite simple just with all the math explained for the developer so that one doesn't have to be developed in order to make it easier.
    Also this is in requests because I'm a bit too lazy to do it, though anybody please, feel free to work on this, If this is not worked on within a week or so I will work on it myself.

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    It sounds like alot of work for players on a server, just to sort out who gets what loot.
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    keyword sounds, It's actually really simple but quite a complex system. It's just sort of getting everyone involved to claim the loot.
    all one needs to do is pick a looting method, and there will be permissions for each method for players to choose from, then It relies on whether or not they are in a group, If not, the loot just goes straight to them. If they ARE in a group, then the looting applies, There will a list of all the loot that is available through /gllist or /grouplootlist or /gll or something. And if players take to long to take action It counts them as pass, if everybody doesn't do anything it is just randomly handed out to one of the group members.
    [1] Diamond
    [2] Iron Chestplate
    Just type in /grouplootcmd 1 for a diamond and it will wait for everyone else to make their move on the group loot. once everyone is done the system does the work from there checking for best methods and best rolls. The dice rolls are done automatically so don't worry about that. And thats it really, system does most of the work.

    The rest is up to the players to decide and argue about who gets what and when and whatever.
    And If they're really that lazy the leader can tell everyone to vote for grouploot method so it just takes turns and hands out grouploot automatically without doing anything. Which is really sort of indifferent if it were a standalone for each player, and the players would probably be better off on their own since they'd probably find more loot, maybe there will be a system for groups finding loot more often and better loot based on the size of their group?

    for need before greed just do /need 1 or /greed 1 or /pass

    for masterlooter it'd be like /loot 1

    for grouploot no commands are required because It's all done automatically.
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    Really having lots of server problems right now, don't want to deal with time management right now, school, work, life, now my server? seriously, I don't have time for this lol. Really great Idea though, if someone makes this before me the plugin is probably going to get really popular in the long run.
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    Why is your Need or Greed system so complicated?
    Using an easier method would shorten your request, just a suggestion:
    Pass - player passes.
    Greed - player rolls 1d100
    Need - player rolls 1d100, need kicks any player choosing greed.
    Highest roll wins.

    Though there is no betting involved in this case.

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