Inactive [RPG/CHAT] Pylamo RPG v0.3- make minecraft to RPG (atm only Party/Guilds/achievements) [1060]

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    Pylamo RPG Plugin

    full v0.3 Download

    customise your v0.23 Download (old, will be updated soon)

    (old)full v0.23 Download

    Devbukkit page

    You need to delete the config when you update so it will create a new one with the new config settings!!!
    Please delete RPGPlugin folder if exists.

    Place the .jar in your craftbukkit's plugins folder and reload/restart server.
    After the first run of the plugin, it will create an config folder where you can set the maximum party size.

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    All Commands (for now): pylamo help.PNG

    Admin Commands:
    pylamo help admins.PNG

    That's how the chat looks: pylamo chat.PNG

    • Invite people in your party
    • Chat with them
    • Manage partys as leader
    • Ignore invites
    • If you have a dc you have one minute to reconnect and be in the same party as before
    • Delete/list parties as admin
    • Set the maximum party size as admin

    Permission nodes: - create a party/be a leader of a party - join a party
    pylamo.partyadmin - acces to all admin commands shown on the second screenshot

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    pylamo guild help1.PNG

    guildhelp 2.PNG

    pylamo guildchat.PNG

    • Create complete Guilds
    • Chat in the Guildchat with all Members
    • Manage your Guild as Leader and Co Leader
    • Name prefix of your Guild in normal Chat
    • List of all the Members who are in your Guild
    • Delete Guilds as an Admin
    • Guilds won't disappear after reload/restart Server
    • Set the maximum guild size as an admin in the config
    • Manage Guildbank as Leader and Co Leader
    • Full iConomy Support
    • Guild Leader can create a Guildhouse(Right/Left Click with Paper)
    • A Guild can have Guildsafes(Chests)

    Permission nodes:
    pylamo.guildadmin - acces to all guildadmin commands
    pylamo.guild.create - create a guild
    pylamo.guild.join - join a guild

    Show Spoiler

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    pylamo achievements.PNG

    • get achievements by:
    • breaking blocks
    • killing monsters
    • kill other players

    Planned for the future:
    • Full RPG-Plugin
    • NPCS
    • Enemies
    • Drops
    • Items
    • Skills
    • Quests
    • Levels
    • Dungeons
    • Regions
    • Classes
    • Guilds
    • PVP
    • Jobs
    • more achievements, maybe you will be able to create some
    Known bugs:
    does not work without iconomy installed on the server.


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    29.08.: v0.3 Added achievements
    14.08.: v0.23 iConomy finally fixed
    added guildhouse protection
    added guildsafe protection
    fixed many bugs
    added preview for achievements (/achieve)
    11.08.: v0.22.1 iconomy not needed anymore, fixed config folders​
    10.08..: v0.22 added guildbank
    fixed a bug where you couldn't invite People to your Guild
    10.08.: v0.21 added configs to disable part of plugins (party, guilds) and guild maxsize
    09.08.: v0.2 added Guilds and changed permission nodes
    07.08.: v0.12 added config file to configure the maximum party size
    07.08.: v0.11 added permissions and admin commands.
    06.08.: v0.1 Initial release

    Only a test release so please feel free to report bugs, improvements and suggestions.
    We'll add more features soon.

    Authors: syl0r, bluesilver000, raltahook, TruDan
    PHPcoder/Logocreator: TruDan
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    Umm Can i have the list of the commands
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    I am searching for alpha testers for my new plugin, called AncientRPG.
    With AncientRPG you can create your own classes and spells.
    Our wiki can be found here.
    If you are interested, just pm me.

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    This plugin is awesome! But is it possible to ensure that the Achievements are like theyellowish solo, an image that appears?
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    this plug still working?
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    probably not, please consider using my new plugin.
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    is there a youtube tut or smth like that to see how it is ingame ?

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