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    Plugin category: Roleplay

    Suggested name: Research

    What I want: I want a simple roleplay style research plugin where you can setup certain research-able topics through enchantment tables. You type a command like /research (topic name) and it checks if you are 2 blocks away from an enchantment table and the requirements are met.

    You should be able to make a research topic like this (in a config):
    (Topic name):
    researched: (What you need to already have researched)
    books: (Number of bookshelves needed around the enchantment table)
    time: (Time, in seconds, to research the topic)
    node: (Permission node to be given after research is complete)
    group: (Permission group to be put in after research is complete)

    books: 10
    time: 30
    node: research.example

    researched: Example
    books: 30
    time: 60
    node: research.example2
    group: Knowledged

    Ideas for commands: /research (topic) - researches the specified topic
    /research reset - resets the config data

    Ideas for permissions: research.(topic) - research that topic
    research.all - research all topics
    research.reset - reset config

    Notes: I need it compatible with PermissionsEx.
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    pokuit Hey bro, I loved the Research plugin but you must not have noticed that it's an abandoned project! no updates since 1.2.3 and the Dev has a lot of other projects on his plate

    The Original Requester is not the only one who'd love to see this plugin in action
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    Oh yeah. I might do a research plugin as i think thats an awesome idea. Plus instead of usuinga s straight out command I could use item menus :D
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    But that plugin has a cost for research and it can't check for enchantment tables or bookshelves nearby, which is what I want. And the chest interface is a great idea!
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    Ok I was thinking you right click on an enchanting table with a feather and a ink sac while shift right clicking then it will start giving out ender particle effects and you know that it is a research table and the next time you rightclick on it it will go into my own custom item menu TheChugBug
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    That would be perfect.
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    Will you do this?
    Are you working on this?
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    This is a great idea. I love seeing new aspects added to the game. What would you think about an optional cost for researching something? I would want to charge my players something in return for their research.

    Hope someone makes this...

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