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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by SuitedSlime, Apr 15, 2013.

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    Hello All,
    Today I would like to introduce you to a brand new plugin that the Rouge Development Team is working on. RougeBans.

    So What's so special about this over MCBans and others?
    RougeBans is not a global banning solution; it's a system to allow server administrators to manage their user bans and allow users to appeal those bans. But it's more then that; it comes with a fully fledged Moderator Control Panel. This will allow you to define your server staff within the web interface with certain permissions, from there they can see help tickets the users have submitted, grief reports and a users past warnings. However, we do alert the server administrators when a user logs in to a server with a ban level of 'Major' or above, it's then down to the staff of that server to decide the users fate.

    What about raging moderators and administrators?
    We understand that this is a on-going issue within the Minecraft community, our plugin in very smart. If a moderator tries to ban someone, it will look for the evidence that was defined in the reason. See the example below
    /ban KupoKupo Grief 

    This will then go through any land protection plugins you have and check if the user has indeed committed the crime. We will try our best to do this for most reasons, obviously it's going to be impossible for us to cover everything, but we'll certainly try!

    Web Interface? What does it look like?
    Glad you asked!
    Now this is just a initial draft, but we think the design is very minimalistic and user friendly. We are open to feedback, so anything you would like to see changed and/or added; we'll be happy to consider it!

    So...when can I use it?
    We are aiming for a beta release in the early part of May. If you would like to participate in this, say so below and we'll contact you closer to the date.

    Thank you for taking the time to read our thread, and hope it was of some interest.
    Rouge Development Team

    Reserved for further information

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    Super User

    Website is too bootstrappy.
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    Why reinvent the wheel? The guys over at Twitter did a awesome job on the baseplate!

    However, thanks for the feedback and we'll make note of it :)
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    This is actually good, I would love to use it.
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    Thank you :3
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    Looks awesome, can't wait for it to come out! :)
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    Thanks for the compliment :)
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    Looks fab :),

    on the other hand...

    I kid, great work guys; Good use of twitter bootstrap to create a simple effective design.
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    Thanks for the feedback :)

    Kupo is a friend of mine and the IGN that came to head when designing :p
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    Okay, I have to ask, what's with the name? Why rouge?
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    Funny story: It was suppose to be Rogue, but I made a typo and I guess it just stuck :p
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    Hmmm "french word for red" kind of fitting in its own right for bans
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    Super User

    Ohh I didn't catch that, I'm taking French :3
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    Will there be a web interface for users to view the bans of themselves and others?
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    Yes - Users will be able to view bans, and appeal it. When they get banned the client will provide them with a link to do so to :)
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    Well, this looks amazing. This has great potential and can be widely used for all types of server admins and owners
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    Thanks guys :)

    The development of the plugin is in it's final stages, so you can expect a release fairly soon :)
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    Look awesome.
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    There's technically no comma between 'yet' and 'another'. Just grammar nazi'ing.
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    And also, use "an" when it's needed.
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