Rotating animals, shave them

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by XbannisherX, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Is there a way to shave a sheep without a player? Is there mayby a code that makes a sheep a shaved one? and also, is there a way to rotate a animal? havent found out how to actually do that yet :/
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    aha :p
    Well the shave part is pretty much done
    Still not going so well with the rotating of animals without replacing/teleporting them
  4. I couldn't find anything in the bukkit api, but you could use this: Entity Look Packet ...
    Edit: Maybe this could work too with setting the location : setYaw and setPitch
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    You'll have to teleport them to the same x,y,z but different pitch/yaw
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    Any clue how to do that? :/
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    like that:

    Entity turningSheep = //do you initialisation here
    Location turningLoc = turningSheep.getLocation();
    int rotationGrade = 90;
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    Oh Thanks :p
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    no problem :)
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    Hmmm weird thing is, it does teleport them but it wont turn chickens? gonna try on other animals right now but it wont work on chickens

    Nvm it works with almost every mob but not chickens for some weird reason 0_0

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