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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Freack100, Dec 31, 2014.

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    Hello Bukkit community,
    I recently browsed the "Inactive/Unsupported" forum, and found some awesome ideas, but they weren't ported to the newest versions, which is sad in my opinion. Because most of the "old" devs aren't active anymore, I wanted to port them. Because most of the sources aren't accessible anymore, I started coding the plugins from scratch. All the code can be found on GitHub (https://github.com/TheFreakLord/BukkitRevival). The repo contains folders with the plugin name, every of these subfolders contains the source for the specific plugin.

    Right now I am porting these plugins:

    The plugins will "never" be finished because I'll allways add new features, and I would really appreciate any suggestions about new features or plugins to be ported.

    BTW, anyone can help if they want :D

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  2. @Freack100 Why would you make this as one repo? What if, say, someone had something tro contribute to one of the plugins, but you've revived 5 others. Or 50 others. Or even 1000 others. They'd have to clone the whole thing just for one plugin. That doesn't seem like a good idea. :p If you want to do everything under one "group", then maybe you should look into GitHub's organisations feature?
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    Yea, I forgot to update this thread. :D I created an organization, and added Maven to all the plugins.

    As I see, not many people on here are interested in this project, so I won't really care about this thread anymore, if you want to contribute, you can find a similar thread on the spigot fourms (sorry for advertsing).
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