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    Suggested Name: RetiredKits

    What I want:
    Scout Kit: You start with 2 splash speed potions and each 10 minutes you get 2 potions.
    Monster Kit: Monsters doesn't attack you unless provoked.
    Jumper Kit: You start with 5 ender pearls and you get no fall damage from them.
    Archer Kit: You start with a bow and 10 arrows. Chickens drop 2 feathers. Gravel always give a flint and land arrows and get the arrow back.
    Hunter Kit: Pigs always drop 2 cooked porkchops.

    Ideas for commands:
    /scout: Gives you the scout kit.
    /monster: Gives you the monster kit.
    /jumper: Gives you the jumper kit.
    /archer: Gives you the archer kit.
    /hunter: Gives you the hunter kit.

    When I want the plugin: For the 25-26th January 2014

    Sorry for my English and thank you!
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    You need to be way more specific. Cooldowns? How configurable? Clear inventory before giving the kit?
  3. I don't want cooldowns. And yes please clear the inventory before giving the kit. The config are just what level on the server you are like VIP, Donator.
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    OK. I will see what I can do :D

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