Restart/Reload Lobby/Hub/Spawn?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TheFuzzyHead, Aug 2, 2015.

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    I'm creating a server, and we already have a large community, and it isn't released yet.

    I'm asking for a plugin which allows the world to reload to its original state. Basically, on our server Admins and up are able to build in the Hub, and I want a quick easy way to remove the builds.

    Command: /restart - anything simple

    It restarts the current world you are in, not the whole server.

    This wouldn't take long to make for a good coder, so if somebody could make this, that would be amazing. If something like this already exists, please link me to it!

    Thank you!
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    Its called stop server, delete the world folder, restart server. Clean slate, exact same world seed used so identical terrain. :)

    So its not as simple as what you describe if that isn't satisfactory. You then say 'But I want these big areas here, and those big areas marked off to NOT be erased, just that other stuff" etc.. which is a different thing...

    Option b: Make your original-state world if you want big builds, marked out areas, etc, then make a copy of the map folder as your original.
    Time comes, delete the world, copy from the original-state copy, restart.

    Compared to a plugin having to do all the work in real-time to do that, the 45 seconds of time it takes to do that server-side is much more reliable as well...
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    Larry Newman

    @TheFuzzyHead If you find a coder, they could hook into Worldedit to allow selecting of a region, which can be restored with a schematic upon the execution of a command.

    I'd imagine that's how it would work.
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