Respawning resources like trees and ores.

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    Hello people.
    I'm running a survival server with a few major towns in it where people can buy/sell stuff and do quests etc. shortway, a lot of activity in the cities! now all the players build their homes somewhere near/arround the city. Fact is, over time, all the resources will be mined out and there wont be any resources anymore near the cities.
    Now my idea is to have a plugin that is able to spawn saplings in the ground at random places (with possible feature to make an zone excepted) or just to automaticly replace a sapling where a tree was standing. Also for the ores, it would be great if this plugin could respawn all the sorts of ore. Maybe a good way to do this is to keep track of all the ores that a player mines, and when mined saved in a database and put a configurable cooldown on respawn of each ore?
    example: a player mines an iron block > the server puts the data in the database (which kind of block and coordinates) > server starts the cooldown that if configured by the admin for the ore block (example 5 minutes) > if the cooldown is passed, the server respawns the iron ore block.
    anyone think this is plugin is possible to create? I've looked for plugins like this but they are all inactive and outdated.
    would be great :D
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    Bumps don't help much.
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    and why would they not? :D
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    Well, they could plant tress...
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    I saw respawning ores is possible too, saw it in an outdated plugin... it's just waiting for the super hero that combines these 2 together and makes an active plugin from it :D
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    Bumping for one doesnt help much and its against the rules go read them :)
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    Wow. This would be nice. I hate the survival servers because of the forests.... THAT HAVE NO TREES! And the caves people dug.... THAT HAVE NO ORES! I could try to work on this. I just wouldn't know how to get the location of the trees, so that if its destroyed, the sapling would spawn, or just a whole nother tree. Except another tree means infinite wood for the player... :/ Maybe a delay? Thats possible.

    EDIT: Because they could just break the sapling, and no tree would grow. I just need to know how to get the location of the trees.
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    well, i guess it's all needed to work in the same order... for every wood and leaves block destoryed, the server should save it in some database and start the cooldown timer on that block... this way the full tree gets respawned... actually the same way as it should work on ore's...
    Another way might be to put a auto protection saplings placed by the plugin...
    and YES YES YES! i would be f*cking great if you could make this plugin!
    There is a plugin tho that auto places a sapling when a tree is cut down, only it's inactive. But i think you can use their code and make it an updated plugin? with including the feature for ores?
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    What if a sapling touches the ground. Plant one automatically, protect it from break for X and check all other dropped saplings to see if they are in the radius of a planted one.
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    I probably could make it. I just need to know how to get the location of the tree... and then set a random delay for the tree to grow thats less then "x" minecraft days.

    EDIT: And I don't really understand what your saying Zaros... can you clarify?

    EDIT 2: I don't really like the whole "sapling" thing anyway. I just want it to randomly grow a tree back. Zaros has changed my mind. See the posts below.
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    When a tree is broken, it drops saplings correct? Find the location of the first sapling to touch the ground, destroy the drop and put a planted sapling in its place. Then just check when a sapling falls if its within a certain radius of a planted sapling. The trees replant themselves.
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    Ohhh.... I get it. That totally makes sense. I like that. It would just have to be protected, so the player can't break it. You wanna work on a plugin like this? If you want to do it with me, what would be the name? Try to make it start with an "i" if you come up with a name, because all my plugins are going to start with "i".
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    How is it going on this? the ideas sound great guys! :D

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