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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Blooby, Aug 14, 2021.

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    Hey everyone, below is a plugin I need for my upcoming City RP server. Thanks for your time!

    Plugin Name: CLRespawn

    Version: 1.16.4-1.16.5 (I use both on the server, not sure if it matters lol)

    Plugin Description:

    This plugin will send somebody to a room after they died acting as a buffer. Basically, it is used to keep players from running back to an RP scenario after they died.

    What happens is, as soon as they die and click respawn OR leave the server and join back after dying; they are stuck in a room that they cannot leave for a minimum of 5 minutes. It should display in the action bar area how much time they have left, example below:

    Respawn Timer: (seconds left) < - once again, minimum of 5 minutes.

    If they have killed any players before they died, the time will go up by one minute each kill with a maximum time of 15 minutes in the respawn room. This being if the player has killed 5 players, they will spend 10 minutes in the respawn room. If they have killed 10 players, they will spend 15 minutes in the respawn room. Now, if they have killed 11 or more... They still have the maximum time of 15 minutes in the respawn room.

    When the time is up, they will respawn in the world at a chosen spot (see permissions and command requests below).

    I believe that is all, thank you!

    • /clrespawn setspawn (sets where they spawn when they die)
    • /clrespawn setrelease (sets where they spawn after they've served their respawn time)
    • /clrespawn release <player> (A way for staff to release players from the respawn room)

    • clrespawn.admin (perms to all the above commands)
    • clrespawn.bypass (pemrs to bypass the respawn room entirely)
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    I can take this job
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    Awesome, thank you! Let me know when it's finished by DM or this forum!
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    Mark as filled if the plugin fulfills your requests; I don't know if I should still work on this or not.
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