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    I've been searching around on bukkit dev and I can't find a plugin that'll do what I'm hoping for.

    What we need on our server is a plugin that will take a small world and, after a configured (possibly configurable by server staff) time period, unload the world, delete it's current state, and load it up anew from a chosen state.

    We use multiverse on our server, so possibly the plugin could be coded as a multiverse addon.

    Features requested:
    • Configurable reset time (we need a 2 week reset)
    • World resetting (generating ores, trees, animals, etc.)
    • Multiverse support
    • Automation (most of our staff is too lazy to do what the plugin needs)
    If there is such a plugin, and I've just overlooked the features, please direct me to the plugin. =)

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