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  1. Plugin category: Reset World

    Suggested name: World editing and management

    What I want: I would like a plugin to delete and create a world with a certain name, which would be specified, and random seed when I type a command and then restart my server.

    Ideas for commands: /resetworld - this commands changes the option 'Reset on next restart: false/true' to true in the config file.

    Ideas for permissions: resetworld.reset - this permission allows the player to use /resetworld

    When I'd like it by: Whenever
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    Search "Multiverse"
  3. How does multiverse fulfill this request? It doesn't have the ability to delete a world, remake it then restart while players are in the server...or does it?
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    ... its all laid out for you on a nice order.
    You want to delete the world
    You want to create the world back.
    You want it to he random seed.

    Did you even really took the time to read it all?
  6. Yep, but you can only delete a world once no one is in do I kick everyone out of the world then? /kickall and do it? I really wanted it to be all automatic on a restart so it did it once a day even when i wasn't on to issue those commands. I use multicraft and it doesn't go right down to the second for scheduling tasks.
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    Just /mv unload it.. the world won't be accessible and everyone will be sent to the main spawnpoint.

    As far as automatic restarts and world resets, try EndReset. It works nicely with the End, and should technically work for other worlds as well, but haven't tested that part.

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